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Table of contents - Our mission together

Advisory Power Circle

A few things about our ministry

Agreement and privacy policy

Allies' power questions

And anyway, essentially this is free

Are you getting too many e-mails from us?

Bayard's State of Immunics update

Celebrity opportunities

Create confront

Elder visits

Everybody is always directing us

Fast 50 - our entry into FastCompany's 2002 Global Reader's Challenge

Here's a little summary of what we've accomplished . . .

Here's how we find out we screwed up

How can a ministry have set fees?

How we arrive at the amounts of standard donations

If you feel you should get these materials without donating

Keely's letter

Letters we wrote the Clintons

Moral superiority in a nutshell

Plague-ending dream team

Press kit


Refund policy plus guidelines

Self-funding ministry

Site user agreement

Should the U.S. give the AIDS cocktail to Africa? Yes! Here's why . . .

Staff credo

The donations you give us are donations

The little church on the hill

The seven random acts of highly environmentally conscious people . . .

Types of support, types of immuners

We apologize for not getting this to you sooner

We are a community of practice.

We hereby commit . . .

We want Dell (or Microsoft) to donate $6 million . . .

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

What is a Harmonic Power Circle?

What is a world sweep?

What we want

Who we are, what we give you, and what we expect to see happen

Whom's who at WHUM

WHUM media project

WHUM mission statement

WHUM structure

Why do we need to partner with a major Internet portal?

Why do we need to unify the world Harmonic ministers?

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In colleagueship,

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Colleague scout and constructor of these pages

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