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We, World Harmonic Unified Ministers, are a community of practice

It is a common practice in certain business and spiritual communities to ask their participants to sign a document
that begins something like this:

"I hereby assign to the ministry all inventions or innovations conceived or developed by me during my tenure. I further agree not to use or disclose any confidential information I receive as a result of my participation . . ."

If you go on past this point to colleagueship, or to license yourself as a participating doctor, caregiver, caregiver organization, or support group, you are making an agreement with the ministry not to ever sell instruction in Harmonic accessing, or work for any company or endeavor that sells it, or be in the paid employ of any church or nonprofit that purports to deliver such instruction, or disclose or make available password-protected information, without the express permission (license) of our ministry.

This agreement protects all of us, including you, and assures that the best possible instruction happens. This ministry has a massive data bank that is continually being added to and reconfigured to produce the maximal possible result in the shortest time. It is the job of the ministry to disseminate these methodologies. Without centralized dissemination, the instruction would become corrupted and be substandard.

Obviously our ministry needs all kinds of ministries. If all of humanity is to be instructed, we have to work together.

The knowledge and information created must be used for the work of the ministry.

As you access spiritual truth with the Harmonic you will see how essential it is that the "immune system" of our ministry  be as strong as possible in all ways. We are a community of practice. We inspire each other and create with one another. It is very important that we see the things we create as a donation and contribution to our ministry, and to each other.

Hence our name: World Harmonic Unified Ministers.

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Sincerely, Your Staff

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  Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 11/06/09