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Who do we see as our colleagues? And what do we mean by colleagueship?

We have millions of colleagues. The vast majority of them have never even heard of us. Because in this world there are literally millions of Immunic masters.

OK, that being the case, why do we need to stick together?

For one thing, when we do, we form a global power circle.

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Another term for this is the Hundredth Monkey effect.

If you know you can kill a virus with Immunics, it's possible that most of the people you hang out with are not going to believe you. If you and I both know that, and you introduce your friends to me, it's more likely that they'll believe it's possible to do that. We are now able to influence other people - e.g., your friends. And with a few more of us, we could influence an awful lot of friends, to the point where we create world sweeps against disease after disease.

You are powerful. You can invite friends and acquaintances over and create your own support group in your living room. You can also go further.

You can link yourself and your friends to a global movement.

In which case you will point to the larger result and share your discoveries with all the other Harmonic ministers worldwide. A lot of people accessed a lot of information to get us where we are now. It's unlikely that you'll be able to do that on your own in the time frame necessary to stop this worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. We've really all got to work together on this.

And the reverse may be true. You may be tapping into spiritual realities and areas of Immunics that we haven't touched - in which case you and your guys in your living room may create a world breakthrough in disease three years earlier than we would have without you.

But it's not the quality of our information or your information that's at issue here, nor that somebody here is more powerful than you or that you're more powerful than we.

The issue is simply that we are more able to help kids in Africa as a unified global network than we are solely as locals having our friends over on Thursday night.

Then those kids in Africa can get together on a Thursday night in someone's living room, or probably the local schoolroom, to learn the disease-ending skills that we discovered and shared with each other and are now sharing with them. 

There is a deep and imperative need in the human soul to love and identify itself with other souls.

- Meher Baba

The bottom line is that people are more profoundly affected by a Harmonic power circle than they are by an individual. They are more profoundly affected by a world movement than by an individual.

And while it's a nice thought that every one of us contains the power of God and every one of us has a profound impact on the people around us - and it's not only a nice thought, but it's absolutely true - it's also a reality that your effect deepens when people are exposed to all of us rather than just to you.

Well, I guess we always knew that, didn't we?

Or as an early American patriot put it, "If we don't all hang together, we will surely hang separately." This is the reason we need to unify.

It's just safer that way, and you know how I like to put safety first.

We unify out of love.

We actually are unified because we like each other, because we enjoy each other, and because we're helping each other learn and grow. We're helping each other's immunity, and we're more immune because we're unified, but we don't unify to get that reward. We unify because it feels good. We unify because we're excited about one another. We unify because ecstasy is our normal state. When I'm high dimensional, I simply don't really have a lot of big reasons to dis-unify.

We, World Harmonic Unified Ministers, are a community of practice

When you launch upon your spiritual work, you will be entering into a field of divisions that people desperately cling to, and that they accentuate and strive to perpetuate consciously or unconsciously.

Mere condemnation of these divisions will not enable you to destroy them. The divisions are being nourished by separative thinking and feeling, which can yield only to the touch of love and understanding.

- Meher Baba



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