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   What is a world sweep?

In one sense, it's simply something that sweeps the globe. For example, the automobile created a world sweep.

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But in another sense, a world sweep happens when people know something can be done.

At the time I'm writing this, most people don't get very far curing their diseases with Harmonic accessing. Of the people who come to this Web site, probably less than a tenth of one percent of them ever get past their own curiosity. They read a little, and they leave. They may read for several days, but then they leave.

They never actually do anything.

That's because they don't know it can be done. Or maybe more precisely, they don't know that they can do it.

A world sweep happens when people know they can do it. A good example of this is the story of Roger Bannister, who was the first person in recorded history to run a four-minute mile. Within three years his achievement was repeated by 16 more people.

A related term is the Hundredth Monkey effect.

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

Since there are so many things that work, some of which you already may be doing, why is it worth it to teach yourself Harmonic accessing? And why do we think it can stop the plague?


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