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What happens when the world gets wind of this?

There are an awful lot of people who are dying to do something about the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases and have the power to do quite a lot when they find out they've got an effective weapon.

Nuclear wars or accidents, or threat of them, are arguably some of the worst things that we humans have inflicted on ourselves. Is there possibly a yin and yang here? Because thermonuclear certainly is a great metaphor for Harmonic accessing.

It covers a large area quickly. Harmonic accessing is the weapon that will end the pandemic.

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It ends the war against disease. It can spread that fast.

70% of the world's population can be doing this in six months.

What happens when the world gets wind of this?

As we speak, right now, millions of us diligently work to make this world heal. People run for the cure. They volunteer in hospitals. They sit with the sick. They do for those who can't.

You may be one of them.

We live in a world full of potential volunteers.

Every day millions of people give hours in the selfless service of humanity. Some have the means to do it full time. And some are busy people from all walks of life's enterprise who don't have the time but make the time, manage the time.

A good percentage of these people are doctors who work long hours, not because they have to but because someone needs them. They have taken their Hippocratic oath seriously. As long as there is a patient standing in front of them, they won't walk away.

Now testing hand test:

What percentage of these people are Harmonic masters already, though they may never have heard of this site?

Isn't it nice the way the Harmonic does statistics for you?

Now the majority of these people experience frustration and disappointment because they are, to a large extent, helpless in the face of disease. They get involved with the people they've helped, and then watch them die. Sometimes these helper people are the parents or children of the victim. Whether you're related or not, you don't assist someone without becoming their friend. And caring hurts when there is nothing you can do.

What do you think will happen when they get wind, when the world gets wind, that this works?

What would you do if you spent half your life going after a specific result and you suddenly discovered that you had something that worked?

A good question for you to ask here is:

testing hand Would I move faster?

Well, maybe not at first. You might be in such shellshock that you couldn't speed up, not right away. You'd have to watch the thing that worked work over and over again, till the shock cleared away. But once that shock was gone, you'd push with all your might.

So it looks to me like we can defeat disease. Because there are literally millions of people ready to give billions of working hours who can get that result. If we, all together, discover that we can defeat disease, we will. There's no question. You don't even have to test that one.

We're producing an army of Obi-Wan Kenobis who are going to stop the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases.

Because they (you) are the high spiritual counselors who will know how to do that. And we'll be able to counsel the Luke Skywalkers who are on their life mission but are not exactly certain what it is or how to accomplish it. They discover it, and discover how to accomplish it, from discovering that they can do the things taught on this site - and show other people how to teach themselves how to do these things.

We're not replacing doctors, scientists, health workers, helping organizations, or caregivers. We are the Obi-Wans who enable those people to actually succeed at their jobs.

What you can do:

Just what you've already done. You can discover this works. And discover how dependable it is.

You can make that discovery as quickly as possible and share it as effectively as possible, and you can tell the people you share it with to do the same.   

There are millions of people - skilled, talented, creative people - who will throw the entire weight of their effort behind this, just as I and my current active colleagues did, when they know four things. Anyone who can bring them into awareness of those four things has saved the world.

Because our disease is not merely viral-based and mutagenic physical illness, it's an intention to destroy this planet, to make the planet unlivable. And it's removable. It will take time. But we can remove it.

We want this to get around fast, like a virus can.

You can probably pick this up most easily with your on-line tutorial audios and movies, though there are also text tutorials.

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The advantage with the audio and movie tutorials is that you'll see and hear people do this, and you may find it easy to do it yourself after a few minutes of listening or watching.  

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