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   We want this to get around fast, like a virus can

Immunics can spread through the world  like a brush fire because the essential nature of immunics is that it's free. People cure things more readily when they see others doing so. We on the Cure Team are immuners who've committed to curing people in public for free.

Viruses and bacteria are mutating into more drug-resistant and virulent strains at an exponential rate.

In the face of the helplessness of medical science to deal with viruses, we found something that does. It's now time to get people dealing. So donations can be waived - not just for the startup, but for the materials beyond it - for people who need them to be.

Go ahead and show your friends how to access. Wherever. Whenever. However.

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Some of them learn it in a second.

Kids don't have a whole lot in the way of showing this to one another. Should we? Is there a "right time" and a "right place"? Well, we haven't found that to be so. It's like a lot of things in life. It's either always right or it's never right.

Please feel free to reproduce and hand out via hard copy anything on this site that's not password protected.

We didn't password protect it. We mean for anybody who wants to to have it without donating. OK, OK, we know it says "Copyright" on the bottom. But that's only because we don't want anybody to falsely claim they wrote it. It doesn't mean you're not allowed to reproduce it. If it's not password protected, you can reproduce it.

Also, one of the first skills you can teach yourself is how to teach this.

Obviously the teaching of this is beyond showing somebody how to access. Anybody can show somebody how to access. All you do is hold up your fingers. We're talking here about actually teaching people to kill viruses. Or more precisely, showing them how to teach themselves to kill viruses.

But look - if you show somebody how to teach herself to kill a virus, you're teaching them. We don't have to get so jargony about it. Teaching is teaching. And you can do it.

You can take a really active hand in stopping this worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. Because if you ever taught your kid how to use a screwdriver, you can teach somebody how to kill a virus, alter their DNA, or stop the spread of their cancer, or any one of a million other things shown on this site.

That means any Harmonic master who assimilates the teaching skill can walk into a local organization that supports people with viral-based diseases (such as AIDS) or mutagenic diseases (such as cancers) and train anyone who will come to class.

Things that are effective tend to transfer themselves exponentially. This Web site enables a single person to create literally thousands of people who can stop diseases, each of whom can then create thousands of other skilled disease killers . . . .

Is there really a plague coming? Not if we can help it.   

Do you have to believe in this to heal yourself with it?

We live in a century . . .

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