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Here's how we find out we screwed up

It seems like most people don't notice what's wrong with our materials. We have to find that out for ourselves. Here's how we do it:

A colleague phones or e-mails. She's raving about a major success she just had with one of the immunic actions we just gave her.

While we're listening to her, we realize she did the wrong immunic action.

All immunic actions work. The Harmonic will enable you to win with anything, any approach, any instruction you follow, when you stay connected. The difference is the degree to which they work. And we can tell where something isn't working to the degree to which it could, because we have a mass of experience. And because we all talk to each other on a daily basis.

When we see this, usually without even mentioning what we discovered to the person who tipped us off to it, we quietly change the instruction she was using. If the instruction was just in the wrong place, we move it. If it's out of date, if something more powerful has since been discovered, we upgrade it.

So keep those e-mails and phone calls coming.

And if you find that your favorite immunic action is gone when you go to show it to a friend, don't despair. It's probably around somewhere. You'll run across it. Or something better.

And if we made another mistake and took out something really valuable, you can always ask us to put it back. We will.

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