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   Are you getting too many e-mails from us?

We disseminate to save people's lives - I mean save them physically. So if you get e-mails from people who cure diseases that are "unrelated" to yours, read them anyway.

You'll find something in most of them that's applicable to you.

That's why we send them.

Our Cure Drive e-mail program is moderated. That means that whatever gets through to you has been approved by someone who's looking out for everyone in the group.

I find lifeguards on certain beaches pains in the neck. I try to swim straight out at Hallandale Beach and the lifeguard goes crazy, blowing his whistle, waving his arms - "Get back in here!" When I come out of the water, he explains there's a rip current. I've got news for him: I know the tides on Hallandale Beach, and I can handle any rip current it has to offer. But I don't say anything. Do I resent supporting these procedures with my tax dollars? No.

Ultimately I'm willing to follow the lifeguard's instructions, because I know that by doing what he's doing, he's going to save somebody life. And I want that.

Thank you,



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