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Here's a little, off-the-cuff summary of what we've accomplished over the last 10 years, 1993-2003

1. In 1993 I discovered, while I was working with some doctors who were doing a business seminar I was giving in Jamaica, that people can directly control their own immune systems in precise ways.

2. We began a series of experiments with immunics that led to a lot of people making discoveries. Including me. If there is one element that illuminates the special benefits of immunics, it's the startling variety of diseases we have cured. Barb Retson cured herself of herpes simplex and controls Epstein-Barr. Celeste Turner cured her lupus and secondary fibromyalgia. Bill Pelle, a retired director of HUD, cured himself of hepatitis B. Keely Stahl cured a potentially terminal liver condition and removed a tendency toward fibrocystic breasts. Greg Morkovin cured his sciatica. Frannie Hora removed her allergies and heart arrhythmia. I cured two kinds of herpes, HSV 1 and 2. None of us has had a cold or flu in years. The seven of us comprise Frannie Hora's Cure Team.

Then there are all the people who have been guests on the Cure Show. But this is not only the Cure Team and our guests, it is an international community of people -- about 600 of us so far who have received a concrete response for our efforts with this.

Think about working with people who never get sick. That's what we've had for years. We either didn't get it, or if we got something, we cured it real fast. There have been no missed work days due to illness.

3. We created a non-profit ministry and began teaching our friends and loved ones in an informal way. This enabled us to put together methodologies and protocols for immune system control. We then created a Cure College so that people, organizations, and doctors could easily access, share, and contribute specific lessons on all aspects of immunics. The Cure College,, would print out at over 3500 pages of lessons and information; it also contains approximately nine hours of movies and over 300 hours of audio talks. All the people involved in the development of the website were highly skilled in their fields -- for example, Greg was arts management administrator for a number of professional dance companies, Keely was a copy editor at Harcourt Brace and TIME Inc. for years, and Frannie was one of Milton Glaser Design's chief project coordinators and worked in the graphics field with her family her entire life.

4. In mid-2000 we started videotaping folks who were complete strangers to immunics. We captured them on tape, with a couple of us showing them how we do it. Almost to a person they picked it up in a minute or two, proving that immunics is simple and fun to learn. It's obvious to me, from watching as many people do immunics as I have, that God steps in for every person who tries and gives them an initial experience of success, even if their level of skill is very low.

We also made sure we videotaped enough doctors and healing professionals, and put them in these movies, so that the viewer would understand how doctors relate to this approach -- because it is complementary with all other forms of medicine. It helps them. It's the doctor's friend. You can hear this if you listen to the doctors we have in our movies.

Our experiences with the effectiveness of immunics have caused us to be very sympathetic with and supportive of other forms of medicine and their treatments. We've become good at helping people continue on the HIV cocktail, for example, when they want to throw their medications down the toilet, and in some cases when they already have. Immunics enhances the HIV cocktail because with it, the person can remove reactions to the drugs, making it easier for them to stay with their medication. It also helps them bring down the viral load and increase their T cell count, for starters. We like things that work, and can recognize and appreciate them because of our own experiences with immunics. And we know that people need all the help they can get, and that they've got to do everything available for themselves, and rigorously, because any disease is a terrible opponent that must be fought in every way, and that failing to do everything for oneself is succumbing. People like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill understood this about other issues; we understand it about disease.

But we were careful not to make our movies "about" doctors, so the average person could see that you don't need to be a doctor to teach yourself immunics. There are 120 people in the film we call The Comprehensive Version, and we included only about 15 doctors.

5. Frannie Hora's Cure Team was born in 2001, so named because Frannie kind of sits in the background and oversees the quality of what we do. We started teaching immunics to people over the phone so we could hook up teachers and guests in different cities. This led to the creation of the Cure Show. On most of the Cure Shows, somebody actually cures something -- usually a series of things. On all of them it becomes obvious that the guest is exercising direct control of his or her immune system in various ways.

6. Presently, we continue to teach people to cure things on the Cure Show, and to offer our web college, including all the taped Cure Shows, for people who want to learn immunics on their own.

We went from having "invisible" cures -- occasionally somebody sending us an e-mail about one -- to the Cure Show's graphic demonstrations of cures serving as tutorials for people all over the world to start curing their own illnesses. We now know that immunics can easily be taught over the air - on the web, the television or radio. Radio is happily the medium most accessible to people in the Third World. And we publicly encourage our listeners to form their own cure teams and create their own radio and/or television shows.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM
A few things about our ministry

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