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A few things about our ministerial services

Did you know that prayer requires skill? Oh, you can start anywhere. Anybody can get down on their knees and pray, and that's a good thing. But prayer has been scientifically studied.

And it has been determined scientifically that all forms of prayer cure things, and exert a general influence on the immune system. Here I'm including meditation, yoga, modalities of prayer in the Abrahamic religions (Christian, Jewish, Islamic), and less well-known forms of prayer -- there is actually a sect of Buddhist monks who run, believe it or not, 100 miles each day; that's their way of praying.

When sick people were prayed for, and scientists studied them, it was determined that prayer created significant changes in those people's probability of recovery. More interestingly, people who were prayed for by "skilled" people had a higher probability of recovery.

Our ministry teaches a form of prayer that we call immunics, or immunic actions which is conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the immune system with regard to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of being. The methodical immunic actions to cure conditions use direct, interactive connection with God.

Yes, we consider all prayer -- any form, in any religion -- action, and we know immunic actions to be focused and highly specific to the spiritual, emotional, and physical immune system. We also teach a form of accessing information that we call Harmonic accessing -- we ask God direct questions, and receive direct answers.  You could consider this "diagnostics." The name Harmonic accessing came because everything we do both produces and requires a high level of harmony with God and God's creation. You can't access without it. And if you can't access -- diagnose -- you can't cure, or immunize.

So this is all very focused, and requires a lot of skill. It also builds, develops that skill at an extremely rapid rate, right from the beginning. People who are just starting out generally don't realize how far they've come in a few minutes, or hours. They still feel like babes in the woods. Yet, if a brand-new person who just started doing immunics were to compare herself to a friend who hasn't, she would discover that she already possesses a huge mass of skill that her friend doesn't even know is possible.

And we see a main task of our ministry as causing the building of this skill to become a primary objective for every person on this planet. We want an immune world, and it is within people's powers to create that. God has given us this ability.

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This is something that anybody can pass on to her friend in a 20-minute conversation. Nobody has to go anywhere, do sessions, attend services. The "services" of this church can happen in the moment, in the world, wherever, whenever. And those services can become ubiquitous in the environment. People can see them being done all the time, if enough of us do them. They can become part of our culture, like the automobile. They're instant, easy, striking because they are effective. They command attention, yet don't get in the way of other activities that can go on simultaneously with them. They can pop out at us in the middle of a movie, and remind us to remove some immunocompromising factor that has developed in the last 10 minutes. We can all have a better life, and a better world.

God wants that for us.

And so this is our ministry -- yours and mine. Did you think, from the title of this piece, that it was going to be about a ministry other than yours?

By the way, we don't heal the sick -- we show them how to access God, or, if you prefer, the Christ, or, as others prefer, a "higher power," or "healing energy," and bring in that power to cure themselves.

Most Christians don't consider that a yogic ability, but that's precisely what it is. I once saw a Christian minister on television who held up his arms above a sick person and said, "By the power of Christ I command this sickness to leave this person." He was doing a form of yoga. The reason people depend on ministers like that one is because those ministers have taken the time and trouble to develop those yogic powers.

As the scientists figured out, if you practice, you get better. You harness the power, and develop your own ability to contact God and bring the power in. What immunics is, then, is just a simple "way" that people can start to do in a few minutes that accomplishes this. One of the most important things about immunics is how easy it is to start doing, to try out, to experience, which makes it easy to realize that you're getting somewhere with it, that it's doing something, and that there's a lot of love there. It's connection with God, all the way.

And it's a very pleasant journey, to a wonderful destination -- immunity to disease.

Now, assuming that that minister who held up his arms above a sick person and said, "By the power of Christ" was not a charlatan, but was doing something real, can you become that powerful with immunics in a day or two?

Well, I don't want to say, because actually, one of the nice things about immunics is that with immunics you can "test" things; that is to say you can ask God that question, and God will answer you. God will tell you if and when you're able to do what that minister did.

And nobody has to ordain you - God will.

So our ministry doesn't ordain. From the moment you start you are, whether you like it or not, one of the World Harmonic Unified Ministers. And the way we pronounce our acronym, "hum," is the primary sound of the universe. We keep bringing forth the creation, over and over and over again.

Immunics is in practice, a form of yoga. Yoga is largely considered a type of physical exercise in the West, but is recognized and practiced as a religion in the East. The term yoga here is being used in the Eastern sense -- as a devotional path to God.

And it doesn't have to be the only devotional path you take. We are a non-denominational ministry. We know that your religion has served you, and that you connect to God through it. It's not broken -- don't fix it. We never advocate anyone abandoning the thing that has worked for them. We encourage people to do allopathy, chemotherapy, homeopathy, Reiki, acupuncture, NLP, or any modality of healing that has worked for them; and the same with your way of connecting to God.

We're simply trying to show you how to cure things, and when you learn this you will discover that God was always there, with that healing power. And if you're like most people you will also discover that there have been times before you learned what we show you when you were able to access that power anyway, and cure something with it. All we want to do is show you how to make that DEPENDABLE, a prayer skill that you can do at will, any time you wish, a prayer skill that you can show your children and that they can use to keep themselves from getting sick, that keeps you happy and free of emotional illness, that removes things that disconnect you from God and, for that matter, from the religion that you've already been practicing. We know that we can show you how, with a little skill, you can make it all better.

Look, don't a lot of churches have yoga classes in their basements on Thursday night? Well, what about this?

The ministerial services of WHUM at this time are:

  1. The maintenance of the immunics teaching system on the Worldwide Web where people can learn how to access God directly and accomplish results in the spiritual, emotional, and physical areas with the guidance and help of the holy spirit.
  2. An Internet broadcast service called the Cure Show where we demonstrate for the listeners how to cure specific diseases.
  3. The maintenance of a Cure Drive group on the World Wide Web, where people have, at this writing, June 1, 2005, reported over13,481 cures in the 12 months since June 2004.
  4. The creation and maintenance of over 100 Cure Groups about various diseases and life issues on the World Wide Web.
  5. And most importantly, an ongoing project to have this demonstrated in the media in as many places, and languages, as possible around the world -- this has been undertaken by a group who call ourselves the Cure delegation.

As flying birds can disappear directly into the air, so do we intend to disappear into the fabric of people's faith, so that they come to know more deeply the great spiritual truths that the religions they grew up in have long protected and given to the earth, and access their curing and immunizing power.


Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of the immunics ministry   WHUM

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  Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 01/07/11