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Elder visits    

If a ministry elder ever invites herself to come to your house for a visit, there are some things you should know before you agree to have him or her as your guest.
These are either things elders expect when they are being hosted, or simply just the way it needs to be.

Things elders expect:.    

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation


Elders often prefer to make their own food, so a space should be provided in the kitchen.

Equipment needed: juice extractor, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits available daily.

A space also needs to be provided in the kitchen for the elder to eat there, in case the elder is in a hurry, wants to cook the food, sit down, eat it right there, and then get going. Personally, as my living and cooking partners notice, I never move into the dining room.


The ideal accommodations for the elder are a combination of work and living space, preferably two rooms, one to work in, one to sleep in, with a bathroom plus a terrace or immediate access to the outside, so the elder can walk outside while working and then walk back in again.

Elder lodging must be smoke-free.


Preferably you can provide the elder with her own an off-the-road vehicle - the further off-road the better. .

If the elder is in an unfamiliar town, it might be best to hire a car service for the first week or tow so the elder can be show around by the driver.

Other things you should know

Do not expect the elder to spend time with you or your other guests. Also be prepared for the eventuality that she will want to, and be able to put time aside to spend with the elder if she does.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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  Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 11/06/09