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   Letters we wrote to the Clintons


June 15, 2003

Dear Mr. President,

During my career with the government I held a number of posts, among them Director of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for the Mid-Atlantic Region of HUD. During that time I was in charge of civil rights. I was the first male Caucasian to hold that post, probably in part because people know that I am for the underdog.

I came out as a gay in the government in 1981, with all my colleagues telling me that the Reagan administration was the wrong time to do that. Yes, I was lauded for my honesty, at least in the beginning. In 1983, however, when I showed up to work with a pierced ear, I was censured and my grade lowered. I hired a lawyer, sued the government, and got reinstated. That's what I mean when I say "for the underdog." In that situation, I actually was willing to become the underdog.

During that time I made sure that all federal money that went through HUD was administered in a nondiscriminatory fashion, and that all housing -- private and public -- was administered similarly with regard to sale, rental, and financing.

You and I met after I had retired. I was consulting at the time, and you and Al Gore had some of us consultants in for a session to help you with your strategic planning on empowerment zones and enterprise communities. It's a shame that you and I never got to work together more directly. I spent virtually my entire career in the administrations before yours. By the time you were elected I was ready to retire. I was a Republican for most of my career, but when you chose to run I switched to the Democratic ticket, and worked for you. In my opinion you were the only visionary President we've had since Kennedy.

I'm writing to you now to make you aware of the existence of a critically important emerging trend in world health. I have personally been volunteering my time in various ways for the last two years or so to make people aware of an ability that my colleagues and I have come to call "immunics." As people develop this ability, as I have -- which they can begin to do within a few minutes -- they are able to directly affect and even cure their own diseases.

As a former protector of federal funds, I feel that it is my duty to inform you, and any others of my former colleagues in government who might be receptive, that immunics exists, because immunics is completely compatible with all the forms of medicine that our federal government currently funds. It does not interfere with, does not substitute for, but enhances other forms of treatment. Most M.D.s and other health practitioners who have experienced it instantly get it and feel good about it.

Immunics is actually a nonphysical form of yoga that can be done instantaneously, anywhere, and under any circumstances. It enables people to directly kill viruses and alter certain immunological aspects of DNA function to terminate cancers. It erases stress and produces a peaceful and alert feeling within seconds. It can be taught by any means -- classroom, TV, Internet, friend to friend. When shown how to do this in a class, over 80 percent of the people in any given class will begin to succeed with it within the first 15 minutes. It is a skill, something that any child can learn, and nobody owns it.

Its drawbacks are that it is so simple that people miss it, or want to make it into something else, and that it seems outrageously easy to people when they first begin doing it.

I'm writing this letter to accompany a letter that my colleague and friend Bayard Barnes wrote to you, in which he gives more complete details.

I am asking you for action. Specifically, and probably obviously, I want you to first teach yourself how to control your own immune system, so that you know what you are dealing with. Second, I want you to take action to move us as a nation in the direction of self-immunization. I'm part of a group who will show you how to do immunics on an Internet show called the Cure Show. That will only take you about 1-2 hours. Your public appearance on the show via telephone will give a tremendous boost to the trend for people to immunize themselves against disease in this way.

We are trying to make immunics as public as possible. I'm urging you to do this not only as a help to this effort but for yourself as well. Immunics will enable you and your loved ones to avoid pain and sickness in the coming years, the things that come to every human being, from which none of us are exempt. And, ultimately, immunics will save your life. You will just live a lot longer with this ability than without it. And I want that.

I value you. You have tremendous work yet ahead of you, as both of us well know, and I want to see that work get done as much as you do. You've helped us all and continue to help us. I want to empower you to do that. This is my way of empowering you. I will be there, at your Cure Show, to do part of the instruction with you. A team does the shows -- all of us have cured things -- and everyone on the team loves you and understands your mission.

Please accept this gift.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,


William J. Pelle


-- -- --





NEW YORK, NY 10017

Dear Ms. Clinton,

I know you get a lot of fan mail, and I don't want this letter to get lost in that, because it's an appeal. But I must start by saying that I believe you to be one of our greatest Americans. And I hope that you will become our first woman President.

I'm writing you to reach out to you personally. I am also writing on behalf of thousands of people whose lives could be affected or saved by your response to this letter.

I am also sending you a copy of a letter that my colleague Bill Pelle, a retired regional director of HUD, recently sent to your husband so that you can get a sense of what another of us feels and thinks. I speak for many exceptional people -- some of whom have cured various "incurable," in some cases potentially lethal diseases like hepatitis B and liver cancer. Some of us are doctors. You can see photos and movies and hear audios of us on the website. "Immuners" is the name somebody hung on us, because we've all to some extent developed an ability to control our immune systems at will. We want you, and others of your stature, to know about what we're doing and learn how to do it yourself.

I want to emphasize that we are unpaid volunteers -- disease activists. All of us have contributed to this note, but we all felt it best if one of us wrote from his or her personal experience. That person, for you, became me, because of my interest in you and what you represent.

You are an expansive person and are helping humanity change, especially in the area of health care.

-- -- --

I'm going to start by giving you a short overview.

Our team of bold and peaceful warriors produces a show on the Internet that we call the Cure Show. The purpose of the Cure Show is to demonstrate self-immunization and make it available to everybody worldwide. We call the ability to control one's own immune system immunics, and we acknowledge that a great many people who have never heard of us, or heard the word immunics, have this ability to some extent. Our intention with the Cure Show is to help people with this ability to develop it further, and to help people with little or no ability to develop it.

Immunics is an emerging form of yoga that most people don't know exists. It's done with eyes open and in any position you want, and in the midst of any activity -- driving your car, exercising, performing, doing surgery, getting chemotherapy -- and enhances your effectiveness at those activities. It is easy and quick to learn, dependable, and lends itself easily to scientific study. It is readily available to everyone, and nobody "owns" it.

Immunics operates well within the guidelines of the Hippocratic oath -- it "does no harm." Just as with any other yogic science, immunics is not "alternative" medicine. It doesn't interfere with people getting medical help. It is an effective co-factor for any treatment approach, and also just a way to maintain one's health. Our primary guideline when it comes to whether or not to discontinue or modify any treatment your medical practitioner says it's time to. That means, for example, that your doctor examines you and says, "OK, you don't have to take the medicine anymore." This is also our definition of "cured" -- not a medical definition, just a practical one.

And when people need medication, immunics helps them tolerate the medication by removing the medication allergies or reactions. It gives people who are under doctor's care far more control over the outcome of their treatment.

The doctors to whom we've taught immunics found it real and laudable.

The hallmark of immunics is that doing it produces a perceptive, alert, and harmonious state. This calm, stress-free place usually settles in within 30 to 90 seconds. The calm, clear place is not just a good feeling. It indicates that you've succeeded at controlling and/or boosting your immune system.

The best thing about immunics is that it can be freely given. A person who has just learned it can show it to another person, and within 15 minutes that new person can cure the flu without any prior experience. The ease of picking up immunics and its predictable results make it obvious that immunics is a basic skill, a native ability that every human being possesses. It is the right of every person to know that they are able to do it, and how to do it.

That makes what we're doing a fun kind of activism.

Most activists try to stop oppression and damage or right injustices. Their work is critical to the well-being of humanity, though different from our activism. We just awaken a person to something that already belongs to him, and encourage him to use it. With it he can also effectively block other people from oppressing him -- suffice it to say that people who develop a little skill with immunics immediately become a lot harder to oppress.

Immunics produces instant liberation, no marching necessary. With this particular activism you can produce a lot of freedom with a very small investment of time. And it's loving, too! You can teach a friend how to cure a flu, walk away, and if the friend spends another 10 or 15 minutes applying what you showed him, he can cure the flu.

What might be a small fly in this otherwise marvelous ointment is that the inexperienced person who is shown immunics is a lot more likely to cure that flu if he already has had some exposure to immunics. He probably needs to have previously heard of immunics, and that it cures things -- maybe read about it in Newsweek -- to go all the way to stopping the flu with it. Without previous exposure, being shown how to do it by a friend usually isn't enough to generate the commitment, curiosity, involvement, or whatever it takes for him to spend the additional 10 or 15 minutes necessary to take it all the way to a cure -- though 15 minutes may seem like a minimal investment to you.

We want the guy to cure his flu. The purpose of our activism is to tip the balance of awareness in the world so that people go all the way to curing their diseases.

With more complex diseases like cancer or multiple sclerosis, the sufferer may need to have a series of significant immunological breakthroughs over a period of weeks or months in order to effect a complete cure. During the Cure Show people often cure things that are simple and easy to cure right then and there. But guests who bring in a complex disease must have a series of these breakthroughs during the show. This creates awareness not only in them but in anyone who's listening that they can completely cure that disease after the Cure Show by continuing to create these breakthroughs on their own, daily. We call this “pounding on” the disease. This is typical of the way cancer, or even a seemingly "minor" disease like herpes simplex, is routed from one's life.

The essential purpose of the Cure Show, then, is to create the probability of completely curing their disease if they go on doing immunics after the show, coupled with an attitude of persistence and perseverance. And to appear on the Cure Show with the intention of helping people develop that attitude is a brief but mighty action against disease. It is a disease activist's act, and you don't need to have a disease, or even reveal any of your personal business, for it to be an effective one.

-- -- --

I'm inviting you to be my guest in a Cure Show so you can help our listeners learn immunics by learning it yourself, with our help and coaching. This can be done via telephone hookup, and it will take about an hour and a half of your time.

In each Cure Show we teach a new guest how to control his or her immune system. Improbable though this may sound, over 90 percent of the people we have on the show begin to do that within the first few minutes. The Cure Show is far and away the best teaching tool for immunics that we have. This holds true whether you're teaching immunics to yourself with our help, or showing the people you love how to do immunics with the example you provide for them in your Cure Show.

Immunics will probably look ridiculous to you at first. It certainly did to us, at first. But so far, hundreds of people have succeeded in teaching themselves this "ridiculous-looking" skill that you're about to learn, and have used it to cure, in addition to what I mentioned above, cytomegalovirus, liver cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, fibromyalgia, the flu, countless colds, and a host of other things. You can hear a great many of us in Cure Shows we've previously done, which are permanently posted on the Web and can be accessed at any time.

Every Cure Show is different, yet all of the Cure Shows prove that it is not only possible but easy for almost any person to control their immune system at will, and stop or impede the progress of certain potentially lethal and in some cases "incurable" diseases.

The Cure Show is taught by Frannie Hora's Cure Team. If there is one element that illuminates the special benefits of immunics, it's the startling variety of diseases we have cured. Barb Retson cured herself of herpes simplex and controls Epstein-Barr. Celeste Turner cured her lupus and secondary fibromyalgia. The aforementioned Bill Pelle cured himself of hepatitis B. Keely Stahl cured a potentially terminal liver condition and removed a tendency toward fibrocystic breasts. Greg Morkovin cured his sciatica. Frannie Hora removed her allergies and heart arrhythmia. I cured two kinds of herpes, HSV 1 and 2. None of us has had a cold or flu in years. The seven of us comprise the Cure Team.

Around 100 of the Cure Shows depict a guest with a disease, curing it. We've now gotten the idea that simply showing people that they can cure their own diseases won't bring immunics into the public eye fast enough. The important people of the world, like you, have to know it exists.

So recently, in addition to the Cure Shows about curing diseases, we've had as many shows as possible depicting important people discovering that immunics exists by experiencing it first-hand, directly. These important people were diverse in orientations, backgrounds, approaches to life, and things to teach energy psychotherapist Caroline James, marketing guru Laura Ries, and director and anti-drug activist Billy Hayes, the real-life author and protagonist of Midnight Express, to name just three of almost 20 who have been on the show as of this writing.

And our audience has responded predictably -- as evidenced by what they've been telling us in their e-mails -- by going to new levels of awareness of what they are able to do for themselves. Listener statistics have jumped. Reported cures have jumped.

It is now completely obvious to us that when the world's important people know something, and make it public that they do, it becomes easier for the average person to know it, too.

I suspect you'll be very good at immunics. Anybody who's been through the kinds of things that you have and stayed as calm as you have, and as happy, and as optimistic about the future, and has run for the Senate and won (!) has a pretty strong immune system. And that will make you great at immunics. Yes, Hillary, it's sad to say, but the people who need immunics the most often don't have their immune systems at a level where they can do it, or do it easily. They need a lot more perseverance than those of us who are strong, like you and me. That's why it's so important for us to set an example for them.

Your show will take approximately an hour and 15 minutes. In the first 15 minutes or so, you will start doing immunics with our coaching. It may be a little shaky at first if you're like most people. The following 15-30 minutes are spent discovering what it is to apply immunics -- that is, sampling some things you can do with it that we feel everybody needs to know about. In the next 5-30 minutes we'll devote some time applying immunics to any health-related concerns you have -- such as stopping colds and flus, curing a disease, helping other people, or just feeling good. You'll spend the last 15 minutes or so evaluating and consolidating what you've taught yourself and creating a wide perspective about what you're now able to do. Please allow an hour and a half to be on the safe side. If in the first 20 minutes or so it doesn't happen for you, we will stop. And if it does start happening for you, you won't want to stop -- because immunics feels good.

Maybe you can see that your participation will produce a far-reaching result - immediately, as soon as your show appears on our website. Within a day or two somebody will cure something as a result of having heard you -- because any Cure Show is a tutorial that people all over the world can learn from, and they do. People from Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, India, and the Ukraine have been listening to these shows. They teach themselves to cure things on their own by following along with what you do.

It's what I always wanted to give people, and couldn't before I discovered immunics. When people I loved got sick, I would either go nuts trying to help them, or I would turn away in frustration or grief.

I know that you are a feeling and caring woman, and that you go through searing pain when you see sickness and death, which are always ubiquitous in our life space no matter under what circumstances we live.

To see that people are curing themselves with immunics, and that it's free, and that they can teach it to themselves easily and quickly, and that it's available anywhere in the world, can help you to know what health care can become, and to design your programs around that.

People who exercise conscious and intentional control over their immune systems the way I do, and the way you can in short order train yourself to do, are more committed than ever to providing whatever is needed for people who are not yet able to immunize themselves. If immunics were widely known and practiced in the United States, the American people as a whole would shift from a defensive to an offensive mode against disease. Well, the tendency towards proaction in this area will rise in proportion to the aggregate level of control people feel with regard to their own abilities to stop themselves from getting sick. It's easier to think in terms of helping others when you feel like you can help yourself. Take it from somebody who experiences that first-hand in a very profound way.

You and I have always lived around people who are well taken care of by society. And we have watched helplessly as tragedy struck in their lives. Now we can do something about it, and I, for one, am.

Our Cure Shows are our way of documenting our disease activism. Immunics is the emerging movement that helpless people the world over are praying for. Mahatma Gandhi taught that emerging world movements cannot happen without documentation, and he may have been the first leader of such a movement to effectively instigate the documentation of his actions and activities in the world media. He is certainly the great teacher in this area, and we are trying our best to follow in his footsteps with the Cure Show.

Our goal is one world sweep after another. If we can do with 10,000 people what we did with Celeste Turner, who cured her lupus with immunics, we can ignite a trend to eradicate lupus from the world as an active disease. And AIDS. And that's what we want to do, disease by disease.

Enormous "political" problems present themselves when we encourage physicians to directly integrate immunics with medical care. Even doctors who really like immunics are certain that presenting it to a medical board of directors would be useless. And doctors in private practice may like immunics, but are not that turned on by the prospect of giving what would amount to a yoga class in their office after hours to their patients -- many of whom would be resistant to such a class.

And since we out and out flatly state that immunics cures things -- because it out and out flatly does -- some doctors who have strong positive experiences with it refuse to support it publicly for economic reasons. We don't blame them. They're afraid they will get fired from their jobs. We don't want anybody to lose their livelihood over something that ought to just be available to everybody.

Immunics is made to be taught over the air. The fact that it is done in a casual, relaxed manner, without having to close your eyes, get into a yoga pose, or do anything noticeable, makes it accessible to anyone at any time, and also makes it fun. Most people will discover immunics when someone who loves them -- such as a friend, a relative, the teacher in their village school, even a total stranger standing next to them on line at the supermarket -- shows them how to do it. Or they'll teach it to themselves while listening to it on the radio or their computer, or watching someone do it on TV. It's the kind of thing that people spontaneously give to and help one another with. It's the kind of thing your mother would have taught you, and that mothers will teach their kids when they know it exists.

It's probably inevitable that this will come to pass. Immunics will spread of its own accord. Ultimately, with or without our help, humanity will reach a new level of immunity, a level we can't even envision right now. The question is how fast, and how much suffering will have to come first.

From what we've seen, if the Cure Show were televised there would be thousands of cures within days. The full potential of immunics curing illnesses could be revealed worldwide within months.

Earlier I referred to the people whose lives will be affected or even saved by your response to this letter . . . and you know that many of them live in Third World countries and have virtually no access to medical treatment. If you can be responsible for giving them a weapon -- immunics -- to use against the multi-disease plague that has set itself upon them, you will have indeed done them a great service. But after what I told you about Bill Pelle, it also ought to be obvious that this is not only about protecting and helping Third World kids -- it's also about protecting and helping retired HUD directors with lifelong medical benefits who've contracted hepatitis B.

You've spent so much of your life trying to level the playing field for people who never had the medical advantage that Bill Pelle had. Well, this is just another one of those places where immunics may open your eyes to something. Because very soon after you start doing it, you'll notice that it levels the playing field, just the way you always wanted to, but in a completely different way than you ever expected it to happen.

My colleagues and I have demonstrated a unique ability to respond in a very strong way to assistance, aid, and support. I found out that God would help every step of the way in every moment, as long as I stayed on my toes and didn't try to throw all the burden and responsibility on Her. I don't ask for miracles, but I have noticed -- as you probably have -- that they come along when I least expect them but most need them.

How about a miracle now -- you in a Cure Show? That would be quite something.

-- -- --

So to conclude --

You can pick your own time to do your phone call for the Cure Show. Good times for us are mornings and evenings, before noon or after 9 PM East Coast time. Your phone call for the Cure Show will last approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

You can hear the Cure Shows here --

Here's a summary of what we've accomplished over the last ten years, 1993-2003

An article we wrote Should the U.S. give the HIV cocktail to Africa? Yes!

Here's why . . .

When I heard you were working with Jean Houston, I knew that you were capable of understanding what I'm talking about. I just wasn't ready to communicate with you about it then. I feel like I've spent the years since then wrapping a gift, and now I'm offering it to you. And hoping that you will accept it. I'll personally be very grateful if you do this.

Please get back to me at, or at 813/672-3419 (home) or 813/786-0136 (cel). You can call at any hour.

Your friend,

Bayard Barnes

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