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Our ministry provides instruction in Immunics which teaches conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the immune system with regard to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of being - and - how to do methodical immunic actions to cure conditions using direct, interactive connection
with God.


The WHUM (pronounced "hum") mission   

Welcome to the CureDrive.

The mission of the CureDrive is to provide the MEANS whereby an impoverished, illiterate person in a Third World country can teach a 4-YEAR-OLD CHILD to CURE a medically incurable, potentially lethal disease in 20 MINUTES.

PEOPLE CURE THINGS. Themselves. No substances, no medications, no diet alterations. Anything that you see the multitude of people curing in the MOVIES WE make, YOU can cure.

Every human being on earth has a right to know that they can immunize themselves to and cure disease. Our mission is to give them the opportunity to exercise that right. This is both a ministry and an activist organization. Many people don't get that something can be both. Well, Martin Luther King was both, though, wasn't he? And both boil down to saving lives.

WHUM is a ministry that ENABLES DIRECT CONNECTION with God - a mystical religion. We empower our colleagues to attain union with God - God-realization - through direct interaction with God from the first moments they immunize themselves.

We are not here to interfere with the illumination and God-connection that people get from THEIR USUAL RELIGIONS. We are here to enable this direct connection, and let people draw their own conclusions. It is the intention of our ministry to accomplish this without requiring or needing any Minister to step to the sound of a "different drummer" -- or any drummer, for that matter. We are a COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE. And we can include all humanity. This is what Meher Baba talked about when he talked about the "New Humanity," and the creation of this new humanity was the point of his life on earth.

- Bayard Barnes, January 9, 2013

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