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   How can a ministry have set fees?

Some people find it strange that a ministry would have set fees for its services. Then there are the people who find it strange that anybody finds it strange that a ministry would have set fees, and wonder why we put this notice in.

Given that we keep getting questions about it, it's better to have the notice in than out.

Virtually all churches have set fees for certain services. In our case we found it a fair way to do things.

That way people may, if they wish, donate an amount that is appropriate for only what they use.

But most of the Harmonic masters who created this ministry with us have contributed in excess of the set fees to enable us to do what we've done for you -- that is, develop this information and make it available worldwide.

As you, the strangers we work with on the Internet, become friends and colleagues, we will encourage you to do the same.

This makes sense because when you become a
Harmonic master
or become conscious that you already were a Harmonic master; when you become aware of the priceless nature of what you are able to give people, some of whom are totally helpless in the face of the diseases that attack them; and when you become aware of the difference these abilities you have make for them -- which can be the difference between life and death -- you naturally want to give all you can.

Certain people who haven't been swift to pick up immunics, but who have nevertheless seen the truth in it, have chosen to empower this work by contributing way above the standard donations. Our special acknowledgment goes to them, and our hope that this will continue in the future.

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