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We apologize for not getting this to you sooner

As best as anyone can speak for others, I speak for all of us who have made these discoveries about killing viruses and
ending disease. The truth is, we could have given this to you sooner, and we're sorry.

This regret of our negligence grows daily as we become more aware of our omission. You might say that as our immunity grows, so does our intention to do all we can for yours.

But does any human being really ever do all he could?

Well, yes. In certain situations I have. So I know what that feels like. And I know in this situation, I haven't.


Explanations are usually offered with apologies. While the explanations for this are too myriad to be listed completely, I can give you a few that come to mind. Most of these, in one way or another, have been mine.

We were afraid of public censure. Possibly even income loss.

We were shy about giving a gift.

We didn't believe it. Even though we watched it work. We felt it. Even though we knew it, definitely with our five physical senses, we still simply couldn't believe it.

We didn't believe it would work for someone else.

We underestimated the abilities and commitment of other people. We simply thought they wouldn't play as hard as we did.

We tried to give it to somebody and they failed with it, so we started withholding it from people who might succeed.

We just didn't want to spend the time or put in the energy.

By way of a more "valid" explanation, sometimes we simply didn't know. We just did not know what was really happening.

My making this apology doesn't mean I'm not proud of all of you

In making this apology, I can't help also making an acknowledgment, because I see that every one of us, including me, has crossed a line of some kind with regard to giving this to other people.

I've seen real generosity, real love, real caring in all of us. Plus real courage, real willingness to take a risk or two in the interest of helping another person.

What are we really apologizing for?

Not only for all the people who've been sick or died. But also for the genocide and the massive suffering in this world that could have been averted if even one key person had been a little clearer when making a critical choice.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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Revised 07/22/08