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Our ministry provides instruction in Immunics which teaches conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the immune system with regard to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of being - and - how to do methodical immunic actions to cure conditions using direct, interactive connection with God.

Cure Prayer Meetings - Tuesday evening - EST  9:15 PM 
Call Greg (813-784-1495) for information about attending the meeting.     

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Frannie & Greg Greg Morkovin
phone(USA) 813 784-1495
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I cured hypertensive joint function and sciatica.


Bayard Barnes, Tampa
phone(USA) 813 672-3419
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I cured two kinds of herpes, HSV-1 & 2.
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barb & sunflower Barb Retson, Sante Fe
phone(USA) 505 577-8739
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Any communication you give us is taken as a contribution. For example, an e-mail you send us might be sent to the Cure Drive or become a lesson, because the information helps us (including you) show people how to cure things. So don't say anything you wouldn't want to see on the 6 o'clock news.
Frannie & Bayard Frannie Hora, Tampa
W06B47VT.gif (897 bytes)(USA) 813 210-5656 (preferred method to communicate with Frances)

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I stop colds and flus. I haven't been sick in over 10 years. I removed allergies and intermittent irregular heartbeats.
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Rossella Rossella Scapolla, Italy

Skype:  argento_cuore_di_gatta
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Write me a message and I will get back to you about talking.

Keely Stahl

I saved myself from pharmaceutical drug-related liver failure, ended a tendency toward fibrocystic breasts, stopped countless colds, flus, and pneumonia, and taught this to dozens of kids.
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