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Staff credo

  1. When the existence of disease is a thing of the past, your work is done -- but that includes spiritual disease.
  2. Make immunics available worldwide for free.
  3. Document events that cause cures or cause them to be documented by the media -- including but not limited to media that you produce.
  4. Keep records of the technologies and events that cause cures, and protect that record as if it were the Bible.
  5. Encourage people to teach each other. Make your instructions to them consist of that. Encourage Colleagueship.
  6. Create, maintain, and partner with the educational institutions and educators, and the churches and religious institutions, that carry on this work.
  7. Balance everything. Feng shui with studied disorder. Your emphasis of the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of immunity. Your work and family life. Your diet. Doing your own immunics for yourself with doing immunics with other people and they with you.
  8. Maintain your own level of immunity, and use your immunity to create global immunity.
  9. When going after something, use Daisy pup as a role model.
  10. Take full credit for everything you accomplish, including all cures -- even when you've partnered with other curing factors. But also give full credit to those factors. Boost curing.
  11. Do not make theories about how immunics cures things, but stay in appreciation of the miraculous.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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