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Refund policy and guidelines

All fees are donations, and are non-refundable.

This includes and is not limited to: acceptance fees into programs, fees for site usage, all written or printed information we give you in any form, including but not limited to over the World Wide Web.


In the case of Harmonic gatherings, obviously we need some kind of provisions for people who sign up for them and then discover they can't make it. This happens; it's just part of life.

So if you have to cancel your participation in a gathering, you won't get a refund. But you may use the fees you've paid as a credit against future services, less any costs incurred by your cancellation. You can get a tallying of those costs approximately two weeks after the end of the gathering. (We're probably going to be too busy before, during, or immediately after the gathering to take time to tally the costs for you.)

Fees paid for gatherings, workouts, and courses may also be refunded in special cases, in response to written requests in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Once a service is rendered (the course has begun, the training has commenced - whether you are in it or not) 100% of your fee is non-refundable.
  • We deduct a 10% service charge if you request a refund three or more weeks before the starting date of the course.
  • If we receive your application less than three weeks before the course, you forfeit half (50%) of your fee.
  • The remainder is refunded at the rate of 20% per month beginning 90 days after the commencement of the workout/course for which the refund is being given, until the refund is complete.

Your refund request in writing must be received by us before these cutoff times. The existence of these guidelines does not imply that we will grant a refund in every case or that all refunds are limited to these guidelines.

No further paid services will be provided for you once you request a refund for any reason. Such services will resume only when we receive written cancellation of your refund request plus reimbursement of all monies that were refunded to you.

These reimbursements must be accompanied by an additional donation to reasonably compensate our volunteer workers for the trouble they went through to do your refund procedure with you.

Written information we have given you or prepared for you may not be returned for a full or partial refund under any circumstances, whether or not you keep or use the information.

Harmonic masters may assist you in accessing information or meet with you to help you in other ways with Harmonic accessing. This assistance is given on a totally voluntary basis, at their and your own volition and risk, and not necessarily under our supervision or guidance, even if there is a donation to the ministry connected to the assistance they give you.

We are not responsible for paying any refund promised you by anyone other than an authorized minister or staff member, nor for paying any refund that is in violation of any of the guidelines or policies outlined here, whether it was promised to you by an authorized staff member or not.

In no case do refund deadlines exceed the Colleagueship term. So if your Colleagueship term is one month, your refund request must come within that time.

The materials given to you are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and may not be copied in any form without our express written permission. Therefore, do not ask your friend or mentor or anyone who has acquired a password for advanced stages or materials to give you stages or material you do not have a password for.

Do not give materials for which you have acquired a password to anyone who hasn't.

See the licensing hub for exceptions to this.

Risk and responsibility

None of the information we give you is warranted, guaranteed, or even promised to be accurate. No advice we give you is guaranteed to "work." The techniques or methods we teach you can prove to be inaccurate.

Any services you get from us are undertaken completely at your own risk and responsibility. If you have any doubts about your ability to be totally responsible for yourself, or if someone else you trust and whose advice you follow has such doubts, do not undertake this work at all.

All of those activities and practices constitute the practice of our religion and our ministry services.

Because the program is private and personal to each participant, we expect you to refrain from any conduct which could infringe upon the privacy of any other participants,
and to keep all information accessed by you and all material shared or discussed by others completely private and confidential.

Providing that you preserve this confidentiality, we welcome and encourage you to share your experience of the program with others.

Fees, rules, and things we offer are subject to change without notice.

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Revised 07/22/08