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Cure People As Publicly As Possible for Free

Bayard Barnes
Elder, World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Riverview - FL US

Tell us what you do (or what your team or organization does) and the specific challenge you faced.
Our non-profit teaches a form of voluntary, intentional control over the human immune system -- we call it immunics -- that is so completely alien to anything anyone is familiar with, and yet simultaneously so simple, obvious, and feels so familiar, that people look right at it without seeing it. Even when they do it. Even when they're good at it! And so they don't do it all, or apply it incompletely. This is both what we do and our challenge.

What was your moment of truth?
Early in the game I realized that immunics had to become ubiquitous in the environment if it was to make any dent in the world level of disease, especially in Third World countries. The Internet was the obvious place to start, so I put together a project team of highly skilled and dedicated allies and colleagues, and founded an iCollege called immuners org. -- the word immuners happened to us when one of our users wrote us a nice little note asking how we "immuners" were doing. Founding the iCollege was the first moment of truth, and the "moment" lasted seven years we raised $3.5 million in non-foundation, non-corporate donated money, research, time and expertise to put methodologies for immune system control on the Web. All the other moments of truth came from a series of observations that our users, or potential users, weren't assimilating and adopting what they can do for themselves fast enough. We videotaped doctors and healing professionals successfully teaching themselves -- discovering -- immunics. And loving it. We put together a movie, The Comprehensive Version, with them and a great many "regular" people to show that anyone can instantly teach this to themselves. But the learning curve went only slightly faster. Validation by doctors made a marginal difference if any. I became convinced that only exposure in major media could make it ubiquitous. In 2001 my colleagues and I began rehearsing for media appearances -- we call ourselves Frannie Hora's Cure Team -- and inviting our friends to rehearse with us by teaching this to themselves, with our coaching, over the phone. The host of a small radio talk show, who came to a rehearsal as a guest, taped it. That taping was the breakthrough moment. In February 2002 the rehearsals became The Cure Show, an Internet program that we host ourselves. We teach people how to cure things on the air, for free. Immunics still needs all the media exposure it can get. But in February 2002 we went from needing media coverage to being the media -- doing our own coverage. And, to minimize obstacles to getting started, all the primary tutorials where users teach themselves the basics of immune system control are free, and membership is completely affordable to potential donors, and free on the honor system to those who need it for free.
(The exact date? 2/24/2002)

What were the results?
We've done over 90 shows, and in every one of them someone either cured something or had a significant immunological breakthrough. We went from having "invisible" cures happening out on the Web -- occasionally somebody would send us an e-mail about one -- to The Cure Show's graphically delineated cures that also serve as tutorials people all over the world use as prototypes for curing their own illnesses. And we've gone from believing that because of the visual components of what we teach, we needed to teach it through a visual medium, television, to realizing that immunics could be easily taught over the radio, which, happily, is much more accessible to people in the Third World. And we publicly encourage our listeners to form their own cure teams and put on their own radio and/or television shows.

What's your parting tip?
The mouse took years to be adopted by computer users. If your technology is so new and amazing that people can't see it, find dramatic and insistent ways to demonstrate its application. Make what it does for them real.

What role did technology play in your success? What revolutionary, business transforming thing has your company's technology made possible?

Comments that readers have made about this submission:

I like the way these guys pursued something others thought couldn't be done. ANd if people thought it could be done, they were too intimidated by the entrenched nature of traditional Western Medicine to step out and take a shot. Bayard Barnes used the Internet for what it was truly intended for - equal, free and instantaneous access to information - and in this case the information literally saves lives. Thanks for printing. I chose WHUM in the open catagory
B Kay Retson - Santa Fe NM

This is a great way to use technology -- truly a better way for all.
diane - usa

Brilliant. The tip of a new wave, this immunics. How do you get through density and belief/disbelief systems whether in the individual or in a business or society.
G. John - New York, NY

Very interesting. Compelling..
Turner - Phila, PA. USA

I've used immunics and was glad to find them here on this site. Hats off to a group who are helping all of us to help ourselves, what dedication!
Nancy Kenney - Santa Fe, NM

This guy is amazing! Truly an excellent use of the internet.
CC - CA.

A company that thinks beyond itself in a transformative way. Belongs in change agent category.
Robert Surameyer - New York, NY

Nice article, am going to check out their organization, thanks for running these -


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