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   And anyway, essentially this is always free

With Harmonic accessing, you may pay to be shown how, but when you do it, you always do it for yourself, for free.

Look, if you go to a chiropractor for hands-on work, your chiropractor adjusts you. And he or she may say, "We're doing this together," or even "You're actually doing this for yourself." But the fact is, she's adjusting you. Period.

And then you pay her. Period. That's not free. That costs $35 or $135 or whatever her fee is, every time you go. 

But if you do a Harmonic chiropractic adjustment on yourself in your car on your way home from work every day, even if you originally paid $9 to get into the skill that shows you how to do a Harmonic chiropractic adjustment on yourself, you're still getting a free adjustment every time you drive home from work.

So no matter how much anybody pays for this -- and since this is priceless, somebody could conceivably charge you $1 million for one lesson -- it's always free.

It's even free during the million-dollar lesson. The person who charged you may be showing you how, but you're doing what you were shown. Or not doing it.

And if you succeed at doing it, you're doing it for free.

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