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We hereby commit . . .

to do everything in our power --

and our power is considerable --

to give you the best shot at producing a major success.

In case you were wondering, we do this full time.

We do not drive taxis or work for stock brokerage firms in the daytime so that we can potchkey with this at night.

We're God's own disease-ending geeks

E-mail us your problem and we'll get right on it.

We probably already have the solution, and if we don't, within days we will.

You'll help everybody. We'll put the solution right on the page and everybody will benefit.

If you're like most Harmonic masters, you'll be making new connections and coming up with new solutions.

We hereby commit

Just as soon as you send them to us, we'll go to work on these messages from God. We exist to enable the word of God to flow. What comes in through you will get out to everybody, pronto.

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  Copyright 1996 World Harmonic Unified Ministers
Revised 11/06/09