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Ask not with immunics can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for humanity, and for the people you love, with immunics.

-- Bayard

What is RIK?

Harmonic accessing enables you to do three kinds of actions:

You can remove things;

You can install things;

You can know things.   

That is to say, it enables you to do immunics. Remove, install, know. RIK.  

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Removal is relief, installation is improvement, knowingness is power.    

You can't have one without the others.      


You can remove things. Viruses. DNA codes. Traumas. Toxic emotions that feel like traumas but are actually caused by non-physical microbes.

Think of something you'd like to remove from yourself or someone else and test if you can remove it with the Harmonic. If you don't get a yes now, test again later, after a little study.

Things may be removed or installed right when you discover the need for that. And often, when you test something is there, that's the discovery.

When you remove something, ask:

How will losing this enable me to be more responsible?   


You can install: Positive qualities. Love in your heart. DNA codes. When you install something, ask:

How will having this enable me to be more responsible?


You can also use the Harmonic to know anything.

Harmonic accessing enables you to process vast amounts of information quickly, so that even things you were already able to do before you discovered this happen more quickly for you.

When you use the Harmonic to know, you're also doing an Immunic action. And because it is an Immunic action, while you're getting your information you're also removing and installing things, probably without even realizing it. You'll just notice that you feel different right after you bring in new knowledge.

You can simply test facts with it.

And depending on the degree of Harmonic mastery you've attained, you will get the answers you need.

When we say you know something Harmonically, we mean you actually scan it from sources outside of your brain, mind, or memory. You scan your higher bodies, such as your karmic body, and bring in the information from them. You scan your universal bodies and bring the information in from there. Or you directly question or bring in information from God or the appropriate spirit guide and get the information that way.

For example, you might ask the spirit guide who governs surfing a question about how or where to surf. Does it seem silly that there would be a spirit guide for surfing? We, of course, know that a serious spiritual subject like acupuncture is going to have a spirit guide. But surfing? Well, surfing happens to be a spiritual discipline. As, by the way, is cooking or any other skill.

Or you can just have a conversation with God.

Continuous Cleansing

The development of simple abilities trains us to love God.

In ancient Polynesia, surfing was a religion. Back then, it produced wonderful spirit guides for a great many subjects, such as meditation, that might seem unrelated to surfing. The current spirit guide for surfing is a young American of Japanese extraction who died in 1969 in Vietnam, and there's nothing silly about what he has to teach you. But first you'll have to take up surfing.

Does surfing the Web qualify you to study with him? Possibly. You'll have to ask him.

RIK adds up to regeneration

There is a fourth thing the Harmonic enables you to do, and it is a combination of all three, yet more than the sum of all three.


Regeneration is the name of the RIK game.

It comes by doing any Immunic action. It also comes through any and all daily activities, when we bring Harmonic mastery to them. It comes while you're watching a movie. It comes when choosing whether or not to say I love you.

It also comes by adjusting ourselves.

Adjustments are combinations of RIK.

Certain characteristics and abilities need to be balanced. If you don't balance them, even a good one that's high can work against you.

In addition to all the above things, Harmonic accessing puts you in convergence with the community of Harmonic masters who have joined forces to end the the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases. Our ministry has a massive data bank that is continually being added to and reconfigured to produce the maximal possible result in the shortest time. It all adds up to more time, more money, a happier life, more love, quality time instead of struggle time with your children, spouse, and friends, and more freedom to create, and to change what you don't like.

And when have access to one another even in the most subtle way, we each have a heightened ability  to have the things we to remove, install, and know make a real difference in the world 

Why do I sometimes feel tired when I RIK?

Since there are so many things that work, some of which you already may be doing, why is it worth it to teach yourself Harmonic accessing? And why do we think it can stop the the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

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