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Mission Accomplished!

Am I in this world for a purpose? Am I assigned a specific mission when I embark on any given lifetime? Do I know my mission for this lifetime? Is it different from my last lifetime's mission? Is it possible for an entire lifetime to be a "failure? On a scale of 1-10, how am I doing?
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What happens when the world gets wind of this?

What percentage of what I am worth to the world am I aware of? testing hand


Skill 12

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If a dysfunctional person even stumbles across their mission, they recoil at the responsibility.

To a dysfunctional person, it's surprising that the accomplishment of their own mission is the game it's easiest to win. And enjoy playing.

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God, the game, and how to find your direction

Running time:  1 hr. 6 min.

Particle nature by person

Running time:  41 min.

We live in a century...


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Mission Accomplished


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Skill 12: Mission Accomplished! - lesson overview page

    Test the following statements



Immunics is the equivalent of Popeye's can of spinach. But there is a difference: you want to reach for it when you're not in trouble.

I'm describing the constant immunic approach.

The best way to handle trouble is not to let it get in your life in the first place. Well, we both know that's impossible. But you can keep most of it out if you stay constantly connected to your immunic abilities and use them all day long.

Suppose I said to you, "I never get into trouble." Would you believe me? If you would, you're a member of a privileged minority who can actually conceive of an existence such as this. Somebody who never gets into trouble -- can such a person exist? Could that person even be you?

Oh, I get lessons. They're very gentle. They're gentle because I keep myself clean. Clear.

Did you ever notice that when you feel healthy, setbacks just don't have the same impact? That when you are physically healthy, setbacks can feel like opportunities to discover a better way.

That's the way I relate to most setbacks. Over and over I hear myself think, "Gee, I'm glad this happened now when I can handle it, and reinvent what I'm doing to anticipate things like this, instead of when it would have caused real damage."

- Bayard Barnes


Do the above quotes seem disjointed or irrelevant to you?

Now just test this one question:

Do I yet know what my mission is?

Are there some skills I need to give myself or increase to insure that I accomplish my mission?

And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

If you get answers that seem strange...

Also ask: Am I now operating from perceptions that are beyond the usual five senses?


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