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   What do we mean by "test the following statements"?

Well, first of all we mean: Use the testing method you learned in Your Accessing Skill. Sometimes people blunder into these pages without having done that Skill. If that's you, go back. Do it now.

The information on this page will get you nowhere unless you can execute the immunic actions that are given to you in the upcoming lessons.

That's what you teach yourself to do in Your Accessing Skill.

OK, you've done Your Accessing Skill, and that's enough song and dance about it for people who haven't.

You want to hear the part that's relevant to you.

What's testing statements all about?

Obviously, the most basic way is testing them as true/false, right? When you test that a statement is true, or false, you can be said to own that piece of data. That means the knowledge has become yours - not somebody else's.

Most people live their lives on other people's knowledge. They follow the directions to nowhere. Paradoxically, most of the directions are great. The problem isn't with the directions, the problem is with not making them yours. Testing does that. That's why we call it testing.

True/false testing is extremely valuable. And there's another, even more powerful way to test statements.

You can also use a statement to create questions of your own

For example, some of the statements in here are from sources like The Coming Plague. They're about the world disease crisis. But you can use them as prompts to create questions about your life issues, including but not limited to your health.

So we give you quotes. Short statements from various sources to test. And if you use them (and you can use them just as you feel like using them; it's obviously not necessary to test or even read all of them if you don't feel like it), they will keep you sharp. They will keep you where you
need to be.

If you do this kind of Harmonic exploration, your sophistication and Harmonic skill will skyrocket. 

Remember: our purpose in giving you these quotations is not to keep you informed.

Some of them are even outdated. If you want disease news, you might even be better off hunting for it on the Net than reading quotes from The Coming Plague (though The Coming Plague does give a bottom line summary the likes of which we've not seen anywhere else - it's a gem!). But you can get a quantum leap in your testing abilities by testing the statements we provide you with. You could also make surprising discoveries about curing yourself with those tests.

You can always cure yourself better. Faster. Easier. More completely.

Testing statements enables you to discover new ways to do that.

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