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   What is immunity?

Let's discuss immunity from three perspectives: spiritual, emotional, and physical. If you've already taught yourself Harmonic accessing you must now test the following thread:

testing handAre there any ways I am immunologically insufficient?

If yes, ask what area:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional

For each area, ask:

How many ways?

What are some of my symptoms?

Can you clear some of these in under six months? All?

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Are you willing to teach yourself whatever you need to transform yourself to immunological sufficiency?

How do we define the personal immune system?

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A dysfunctional immune system "considers" its actions correct, much as a dysfunctional person may. And it will intentionally move you in the direction of degeneration, addiction, and disease.

If you look at the immune system as a whole, and understand that when it functions, it covers the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and all other aspects of you, you then understand the immune system.

Your immune system is partially physical, partially non-physical.

Much of your immune system is not studied or completely understood by any form of medicine.

All forms of medicine - homeopathic, chiropractic, Chinese, ayurvedic, et al.. - have weaknesses and blind spots, and all of them have strengths and get cures. To evaluate them against one another is foolish. They must merge..

This merging can only be done by people who are able to utilize a direct form of knowing. That form of knowing has many names - intuition, psychic abilities and powers, universal intelligence. Our term for it is Harmonic accessing.

Now let's talk about three areas of Immunics, one at a time: spiritual, emotional, and physical.

First of all, what is spiritual immunity?

It is, above all, a direction. When your immune system is functioning, you move in the direction of the spirit, in the God direction. In the direction of love, kindness, generosity, forgiveness - that is to say, in the direction of real values.

This is reflexive. It is the way you respond to crisis, opportunity, and stress..

What is emotional immunity?

Well, since people write books with titles like Toxic Emotions, it must be common knowledge that many if not most emotions are bad for us.

The problem most people have with their emotions is that they relate to them ambivalently. You may know a certain emotion is damaging you, and at the same time it seems to have some value - you can't quite say what.

Massive philosophies have been constructed around the idea that you need emotions.

Also, most people aren't even clear about what an emotion is. For example, most people define love as an emotion. It isn't. Real love is a state of being. People think ecstasy is an emotion. It's not; it's simply the way you feel when you're healthy.

Since many people have never experienced even an instant of complete health, for them ecstasy is only an overriding good feeling, such as a strong taste or a sexual climax, before an instant or a few minutes overrides the general disorder of their physical, mental, and emotional state. It pulls everything together into a pattern that approximates real ecstasy but is probably something less than that.

For example, the ecstatic experience of a sex addict having an orgasm may very well be a blend of good and bad feelings, just as being drunk is. The bad feelings actually strengthen the good feelings for the experiencer, and this strengthening is necessary so that the person can tell himself or herself that they're experiencing something really wonderful. They think it's wonderful because it's so strong.

It's not so much that the person is in ecstasy as that they think they are in ecstasy. 

Emotional immunity goes beyond feelings.

Anyway, our discovery, our experience, is that while some emotions are good guides, and all emotions and sensation probably have extremely important short-term uses - that is, even "toxic" ones can function as critical alarm bells - for the most part, immunity is emotion-free. If something hurts you and your immune system is operating effectively, it will immediately move you in a direction away from that hurt, not towards it.

This simple truth, which should make sense to anyone, can be surprisingly difficult for certain people to accept.

And that disacceptance is a good example of what a dysfunctional immune system can do. When your immune system malfunctions, it can prevent you from knowing something that is right in front of your face.

So to repeat the question, "What is emotional immunity?", emotional immunity is the experience of high and wonderful states that most people call emotions - such as love, centeredness, certainty, self-confidence, clarity, peace, enjoyment, humorousness, playfulness, and the intention to tickle small children - and at the same time a marked absence of damaging emotions, such as hate and grief.

Love is normal, grief is not. Most people might say, "Well, how can you have mourning without grief?" Mourning is an extremely important activity. It's a real immune booster. And to understand how you can have it without grief, you would simply have to do it without grief.

And this is what Harmonic accessing makes possible. More about this later.

What is physical immunity?

The main point: Physical immunity isn't.

Physical immunity is a combination of the actions of non-physical and physical forces working together to produce an absence of physical disease in, and mishaps to, your physical body.

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Since we wrote so much above about emotional immunity, an easy misunderstanding would be that somehow you reach physical immunity through emotional immunity.

Absolutely not.

Physical immunity must be created directly.

Yes, emotional dysfunction can undermine physical immunity. But when you remove emotional dysfunction, you haven't necessarily created physical immunity.

And you may actually have to create physical immunity first, before you can be emotionally immune.

Many of the conditions psychiatrists treat are actually physically based. Or, to put it perhaps a better way, what the psychiatrist is looking at when he looks at what he calls an emotional disorder is actually a disease that's not usually medically defined until it manifests physically - for example, a certain type of cancer, let's say pancreatic cancer. What the psychiatrist is seeing is a person who has a precursor to pancreatic cancer.

Right now the person is in his office complaining of problems at work, feelings of low self-esteem, reactiveness. This person may also have several rampant viral infections that have not yet manifested on the physical level and may not for years, but are part of the patient's non-physical reality. So the psychiatrist will attempt to treat this person with mood-altering drugs. After several years of treatment, the person comes down with what seems like an unrelated illness, pancreatic cancer.

The psychiatrist may even get good results with the patient - that is, the patient may feel better as a result of his psychiatric treatment. If the psychiatrist is a good therapist, a warm person, a real friend, someone who this patient can talk to, it is probable that this will be the case. It's even possible that the patient may "recover" and the psychotherapy be terminated.

But the real disease was never touched.

Several years down the line, this same patient is in chemotherapy or radiation. And if those therapies work, the patient is in a sense no better, as long as the precursors that have been causing the plethora of problems all along have been left in place. And chemotherapy and radiation don't touch them.

The problem was always the patient's immune system.

Now you're probably seeing this from another angle.

Non-physical immunity isn't.

It's actually physical - that is, the non-physical aspects of your being are as real, as "physical," as the overtly physical ones. They function via specific, understandable mechanics, and you get sick on the non-physical level just as on the physical. You can be as severely dysfunctional non-physically as physically. And those dysfunctions have specific, identifiable causes, just like things in physical reality do

Also, illness and recovery from it are predictable and replicable. The things that made you sick yesterday will make you sick tomorrow if you don't handle them. The things that stopped your illness yesterday will stop your illness today - if you implement them in the non-physical as well as the physical reality.

Non-physical realities are real. Everybody knows that. That's why there is such a thing as psychiatry. But to cure your herpes or your cancer, or even just to have what we would call "real immunity," you may have to go a step further than most people go.

What would constitute a significant immunological breakthrough (SIB) for you?

What is real immunity?

Well, that may be beyond the scope of this little treatise. You may need to start actually creating real immunity in yourself in order to get a sense of what it is. But for now, let's just say that it's encompassing.

Remember when you were so excited about your trip to Hawaii and then you started to come down with something? Or when you were moving the fastest you had ever moved in your life and you started to come down with something? Have you heard stories about women who had minor household accidents, like they bumped into something, but they sensed that later there would be a cancer appearing in that spot? And 20 years later it did?

Real immunity addresses the physical and the non-physical simultaneously. And it can be consciously controlled. It would be the equivalent of the woman who had the household accident immunizing herself to any incipient cancers a few minutes, hours, or days after she had the accident.

Every medical practitioner of any type of  medicine knows that all diseases have flare-ups. A person has cancer and it stays under control. Then, in a two-to-three-day spurt, it suddenly seems to take over.

Same with a virus. People have HIV for years. Then over a period of a week or two they go into AIDS.

Why does it happen sometimes and not others?


The immune system was working, then it stopped.

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If immunity can control a disease, it can destroy a disease Everybody knows this, too. And though most practitioners of Western medicine don't have a lot of confidence that they can control the ability of the immune system to do that, there has been for the last 20 years a movement growing - yes, even in Western medicine - to cause that kind of immune response as a way of treating disease.

Anyway, the Harmonic is worthless without God.

So then, again, what is real immunity?

It is precise. It is encompassing.

You have to feel it rather than be told about. And watch your conditions clear up rather than be told that you can have a miracle.

Because immunity is not information-based, it is state-based.

And it is under your conscious control. This last is the hardest for most people, including medical practitioners.

So we want you to get used to the idea that immunity must be under your conscious control or it's not real immunity.

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And that, dear heart, is the theme of this entire Cure College. You are actually shown how to bring your immunity under conscious control, situation by situation, action by action.

That's why the Cure College consists of lessons

And that's why our sense of urgency in giving this to you. Because conscious, intentional control of your immune system is always now, always immediate. It always takes effect within minutes.

Module: Immunity issues

And that means that sick people can begin to get well, to show improvement, as soon as they learn this.

What's remiss?

What are you ready for?

How do we define the global immune system?

Now, I don't mean to try your patience with this global stuff -- you have already read a lot. If you don't want to continue from here that's fine with me; I'm sure that many won't. But many others want to know about this, because that's their main interest. Quite a few of the people who join this college don't have diseases. They just want to help. And they certainly want to help people cure personal ailments. But often, they are also quite committed to and thrilled by the prospect of a global transformation that averts what seems to be the developing tragedy of this world. This tragedy is happening on many fronts, and has many obvious causes. And all of these are tragedies, happening within a larger catastrophe that seems to be taking humanity to the verge of global annihilation.

So it looks to us like there are two forces working here: one taking the planet down, the other taking action against that. People protest wars, fund the cleanup of landmines, protest against democratic rights being usurped, warn against the destruction of fruit, vegetables, and other life forms as God created them, by genetically engineering them out of existence -- it is said that in 10 years there will be no more bananas because of the genetic engineering of seedless bananas, the same with grapefruit, and create massive religious revivals and other activist approaches to these ends.

And we are another form of activism. We believe that this red alert that many of us have gone into it is an expression of a larger immune system, a global immune system, which is actually as real as the immune system of any individual human being. And this is not a passive belief -- we got this information from the same source that I used to cure my herpes, using the same yogic methods that you're taught in this web site. We tend to take information that we get from a source that cures onerous afflictions very seriously.

We also believe that this global immune system is "curable" by the same methodologies that I used to cure my herpes, but that it will take more than just a few of us to do that.

We also believe that the overall methodologies that we use to cure anything include physical intervention.

So we are in favor of giving the HIV cocktail to everybody in Africa diagnosed with HIV who's willing to take it -- Africa and worldwide -- because one of these physical interventions that work is allopathy. We're also in favor of all other forms of personal medicine. Immunics is not "energy medicine." It is access to, evaluation of, and application of all existing forms of medicine appropriately. By the same token, we don't think that you can "vibrate" the problems of the world away.

We know that shifting humanity to a higher dimension of operation is necessary. But our basic approach involves the utilization of all forms of intervention. The "immunics" remedy for the land mine problem that the world currently faces, therefore, must involve the physical removal of the landmines from all the earth. This is one example of a great many things that must be done physically, and we believe that humanity as a whole will have a much greater tendency to accomplish those things if massive numbers of people put in an enormous amount of correction to their own personal immune systems.

I'll go farther and say that we are certain that personal immunity is the key to global immunity.

And there is a reality beyond this -- as you go farther into the study of immunics you will discover the specifics of that. Suffice to say here that the things that you do for yourself physically can be replicated on the global immune system, which is parallel to the immune system of every individual human being.

But now I'm starting to repeat myself.

I believe what I've said here is well enough for now. It's time for you to embark upon the study with the rest of us, if you haven't already. I hope what I said in this explanation will help, and inspire, you to do that.

Immunity via God-connection

Every religion on earth has a healing aspect. And many of them think they're the only one who does.

All religions are conduits to God. People practicing any religion connect directly with God. And in the East, the word yoga always meant whatever religious science or practice was employed to make that connection dependable.

In the West, the word yoga has taken on an oddball meaning. Some Americans tend to think of yoga as the Jane Fonda workout. Or, worst case, a Godless, demonic religion.

I've spoken to Christians who avow that they would never do yoga, not realizing that every time they pray they're doing yoga -- Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, of prayer. And that yoga, as are all the yogas, is a dependable way to produce God connection.

So what we have here is a yogic ministry that teaches a very specific set of actions, or prayers if you wish, that are quite varied, and can actually be made up as you go along -- but it helps to have a lot of training and experience in making them up -- and that our colleagues -- as we call our members; we're all creating this together -- are using to cure all manner of diseases. Well, take a look at the Cure Show page. Listen to some of the Cure Shows and you'll hear how it's done, hear them doing it, and be able to learn to do it for yourself, right then and there, while you're listening to the show.

Our ministry's bias is toward immediate, simple connection with God. Sometimes we do that by curing things, and sometimes just because we want to connect -- usually because we're curing something. Most people I know have a lot to cure.

And depending on God is a pretty great way to do that.

We think that this has got to sweep through the world like a brush fire really soon, because if it doesn't a lot of people are going to die who don't have to. And quite a few of us, me for example, have committed ourselves to making that happen.

Do you question the fate of people who are unable to do immunics? Do you have the idea that maybe they'll be okay after all?

Well, some of them surely will be. But it's because many people who've never heard the word immunics are immunic masters anyway. I have a theory that, as the Christians say, all healing comes from Christ. What that means to me, in practical terms, is that we have found an extremely direct effective way of accessing that healing, and working directly with Christ on a one-on-one, two-way communication basis. This may be a metaphor, or literally true, but it's certainly obvious to me that it's an accurate way of viewing it. There's no real way to tell what's actually happening in the guts of the machine, but it's certainly easy to observe the effect, and to know that God, or what people who can't bring themselves to believe in God but nonetheless observe God's workings call "a higher power" is at work here.

I don't think we have to worry about Christians who think immunics is the work of the devil -- many of them will cure things anyway. They may think immunics is the devil, and in that sense their perception may be distorted, but their perception may also be good enough to tap into the Christ energy through Christianity and keep themselves free of disease. You might want to know here that the first survivor of the Lassa virus was the most spiritually connected nun who originally treated the people who came down with it, and it was her blood that provided the serum that cured it. That was obviously God working, and there wasn't any immunics as we know it back in those days -- I hadn't coined the word yet.

Still, I think we all realize that for the most part people, including people who have heard about immunics, and even done some, get sick and die. It seems like even a few of us in the Cure Delegation have trouble curing things sometimes.

This is a skill that has to be developed, and developed thoroughly, and thoroughly applied. I don't get sick because I do that. So consider this:

An immunological event of the magnitude we're talking about causing -- giving humanity a quick, simple to learn, easy to pass on, free and dependable way to directly interact with God and cure things anywhere, anytime, by themselves or with people, and in the middle of any, and even a potentially stressful, life situation -- could actually cause the whole world to tip into a new level of immunity.

The fact is, we have never seen anything more than 1500 people -- the ones that are Cure Drive -- curing things and watching each other do so.

What would happen if there were even 15,000 people doing that?

You can already see the power level we've achieved just with the few of us we've got. Take it from me, because I was around at the beginning, we are a quantum leap ahead of where we were six months ago.

Any one of you could cause this to tip into the global consciousness, just with the right word to the right person. You may even BE the right person.

And once it does, it will spread through the world like a brush fire, and eradicate disease on this planet. We won't be talking about a few crummy million cures anymore -- will be talking about a new reality, a new world. We'll be talking about humanity in a calmer, clearer place, which will then produce at drastic reduction in the probability of war and environmental decimation.

Remember: your first million cures are always the hardest.

Did you need to hear this ramble? Did I go off the deep end here? Have I already said this? Did you already know it? Probably.

It just seems safer to say it explicitly like this then to hope that had been understood without being said. That hope might have been a virtual reality, and this is too important for me to chance that.

We're taking direct definite and well-planned actions to get this all over television and the 6 o'clock news.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM
A few things about our ministry



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