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Guess what? Your immune system is dependable. And you can consciously control your own immune responses. And if that were all there were to it, we wouldn't need over 1500 lessons and readings, and more than 300 hours of audio talks and movies.

Sadly, myriad obstacles besiege the fledgling immuner. The whole concept is so alien to most people that they don't even give it a second look. It's too easy. It's too simple. It doesn't require enough hard work. It relaxes people, which actually removes their motivation to be more rigorous with it.

People just don't care as much about curing an illness when they suddenly find themselves free of stress and anxiety about it. When people feel better, they tend to stop or drastically reduce doing the thing that made them feel better and chase after what they're addicted to instead. And people who are physically healthy don't have much incentive to try immunics, do they?

Also, when people fail with immunics, they often retreat back to the things they were doing before they taught themselves immunics, which may not cure them but will make them somewhat comfortable and reassure them. And almost every new immuner fails at some point within the first few days -- they're just not skilled enough to succeed every time.

Immunics is, in its very nature, unbelievable -- that is to say, it is not just people's own doubt and skepticism that interferes. Immunics actually undermines belief systems. It actively causes people to disbelieve just about everything, including its own reality. All this can be summed up by saying one simple thing Immunics is too good to be true.

Plus immunics is actually - well, a way that you get into direct dialog with God. It's not meant to interfere with your current religion or spiritual path. It's meant to increase your access to it. Well, wouldn't anything that gets you get into direct dialog with God support your spiritual path?

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But that can be confusing, too, just at first. Until you get the feel of it. And if you can experience for yourself that this does one thing we tell you it will do - in this case bring yourself to the calm, clear place in seconds, anywhere, anytime, dependably - you will then open yourself up to the possibility that it does all the other things we say it does - and prove those to yourself, too, one by one.

At least, that's what we're hoping.

You can stop the spread of cancer, or reverse clinical depression - yes, depression, too, can be immune related. And you can kill a virus without using any substances at all, just you. At will. Under any circumstances. And you can depend on yourself to do it. You can use your own higher faculties to immunize and cure yourself. And if you're willing to teach yourself something that's right here on this Web site, you'll prove to yourself that you can. And you can be doing it in under 20 minutes.

We realize that even when you prove to yourself that you can connect and go to the calm, clear place it may still be a stretch for you to accept that you can do this plethora of things:

kill an "incurable" deadly virus (such as meningitis), prevent herpes outbreaks and end herpes, remove allergies and stop or reduce toxic side effects of nucleoside analogs and other HIV, cancer and herpes simplex medicines, improve the performance of your HIV or cancer protocol, cure cancer,

balance the way you use holistic / alternative medical and healing approaches as Dr. Andrew Weil prescribes, insert new intelligence into your DNA, end wounded healer's syndrome, become a professional medical intuitive Caroline Myss-style, teach yourself do-it-yourself acupuncture, do-it-yourself chiropractic adjustments that will not only thrill you but make your chiropractor happy as well,

do-it-yourself chakra balancing, even do-it-yourself feng shui or health approaches such as homeopathic self-diagnosis and self-treatment, develop essential spiritual self-healing habits such as those taught by Deepak Chopra, generally draw good things to yourself (Jamaicans call this "flex"), teach yourself to master money as Suze Orman did, directly erase karma, teach yourself to do your own past-life regression therapy, learn to use angelic teachers, throw the I Ching without using physical objects, create the kind of personal ministry Marianne Williamson advocates.

Unfortunately, as I said before, the beginning immuner, even the one who is initially successful, is beset by legions of gnawing parasitic factors that make it extremely difficult to proceed.

And for sure those who need it the most often have a lot more difficulty doing it than those who need it least. Plus people with serious medical conditions tend to become discouraged far more easily than ones who are physically healthy. They're afraid to put their trust into something this easy. Friends and family members often encourage them to restrict their curing to more traditional approaches, not realizing that they can do both.

Oddly enough, our experiences with the effectiveness of immunics have caused us to be very sympathetic with and supportive of other forms of medicine and their treatments. We've become good at helping people continue on the HIV cocktail, for example, when they want to throw their medication down the toilet -- and in some cases where they already have. Immunics takes out medication allergies, making it easier for people to stay with their medications.

We like things that work, and can recognize and appreciate them because of our own experiences with immunics. And we know that people need all the help they can get, and that they've got to do everything available for themselves, and rigorously, because any disease is a terrible opponent that must be fought in every way, and that failing to do everything for oneself is succumbing. People like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill understood this about other issues; we understand it about disease.

People starting out on the road to self immunization need a very high intention and a lot of agreement and support from the people around them. Often they get neither. If you teach immunics to yourself you'll be fighting for them alongside us -- even though you're just learning yourself, and even if you're not very good at first. This ability we've developed in ourselves is a miracle -- commonplace to us, though, because it happens with us constantly and spontaneously, day after day, and a few times a week publicly with first-timers like you on the Cure Show.

As with any powerful tool, it's obviously critical to put safety first. That's why we've put the safety information you find around key inflection points on this site.

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The purpose of this Cure College is to save people's lives. If you teach yourself all that is available here, you will save a lot of lives.

Because your increased access will set up a ripple effect for everyone around you, whether they know it or not. And some of them will know it. They'll feel it. If you can kill viruses, so can children in the Third World.

If you are a doctor, we implore you: discover this.

Minutes from now you can have taught yourself accessing. And you can then just discover your way to whatever you came here to get from there.

Doesn't that sound like fun?


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