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Act Globally
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space How can you end
the HIV epidemic?

The rest of this movie

Make public statements; take public action
The smallest public action you take for this will have global impact and save many people from the ravages of disease and its repercussions. 

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Bust up the party

Give an impromptu class in cure.

News announcement
The message is simple: "People cure things. I want this covered by your station."
Bring the Cure Drive into the Run For The Cure
Or any other benefit in your city. Wear the tally, hand out cards, let them know there's a cure for what they're marching for.

Get the TALLY on buses
Pitch companies and famous people to
put their faces, along with the tally, on
the sides of buses  

Outreach activities

CureTube - Meredith
Outreach project #1: Dialoging - 1

Producer wanted
The CureShow is The Biggest Loser with disease. 

And it's a lot hotter to watch people cure cancer than it is to watch them lose weight.
Cure in the street
Teach  in a busy public place.
Get people to sign a petition
Petition the media to cover our epidemic of cure.
   Startup instructions -- give to all signers
   The plan
Make cure a reality in your town
Organize a demonstration.
Phone your friends and neighbors
Be creative with the people you call. Save their life. Get them started saving other people's lives.
Create a program for your company
We'll show you how
Dialogue in newsgroups
and other Net meeting places

Tell your friends
Here's an example
Contact our colleagues
Got some time free to be on the phone?
There are so many ways to do this.
In-home assisting
Do you have a few hours a week to spend on your on your computer or phone? 
Help wanted
The world needs you.  We need you! 
**If you're a celebrity . . .
You could cause this to tip.
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space Key projects
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CureTube - Cathy
"I get to do it better."

Business card
Picture yourself at a charity function, possibly an HIV benefit, walking up to each person, asking them to support the Cure Drive, and handing them one of these cards.
You can just print out one of these signs and put it around on bulletin boards.
Area leader
The people you see in the photos handing out bumper stickers on the highway median are street fundraisers. Area leaders recruit, train and manage street fundraisers.

Basic actions
Bumper Stickers

CureTube - Barb
"I gave a bunch away, someone gave $20."

CureDrive car stickers

Save lives while you driveEasy, repositionable vinyl. They peel right off without a trace.

Bumper Sticker Givaway

This nurse hands out CureDrive bumper stickers in the flu vaccine clinic where she volunteers

E-mail signature
Send out the tally with your every e-mail. Forward Cure Drive e-mail
Pick a favorite e-mail from the Cure Drive, and send it to everybody you know. Two weeks later, send it again. Find one here.
Report your cure(s) in the weekly poll
How many cures and symptom reductions have you had since you answered the poll last?
Put a link to our site on your site
On the homepage!

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space CureWear at
from Cafepress

more info

You honor yourself by wearing it. Now that you know people cure things, isn't it time you wore a shirt that says so?


choose from
either T-shirts and other items at this shop
or "I cured cancer" T-shirts at this shop

White T-shirtYellow I cured cancer T-shirt  

Home made

light fabric transfer
Frances Hora, The Cure Drive cap

Gifts and handouts

Startup instructions
Hand out books and CDs as gifts

You're welcome to print your own copies of the E-Book: A Call to Immunics and give them
away to friends. Do not give your e-book password to friends -- you'd be training them to steal. But a book that you went to the trouble to print yourself makes a fine gift. There's a lot of love there. You have our permission to burn copies of the CD: Becoming an Immuner and give them away, as long as you don't sell them; or you can order them in quantity from us.
Business card.- Easiest and simplest

Your free local class - a sign or handout


Cure something! 
Contract an incurable disease and cure it. Think we're kidding?
Create a buddy system
And watch your learning curve rise exponentially
Integrate immunics into your 12-Step or support group
There'll be less failure -- the Cure Drive will help

Be a CureShow guest

Help the CureDrive by learning and demonstrating cure right on the air. We'll pay for your phone call if you're in the US or Canada.  You do not have to pay for this service. Contact Greg Morkovin. is the web college of cure.  Our mission: to eradicate disease from this world.  The CureDrive has been made possible in part by generous gifts from the Mark V. and Alva H. Morkovin Trust.
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