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   It really doesn't matter that this cures disease

(This is part of a talk that was given at a Harmonic gathering in 1997.)

It really doesn't matter that this cures disease. It's nice that it does. But saving people's lives is, in another sense, inconsequential.

The Harmonic will give humanity the spiritual guidance that has been missing: the ability to contact God directly, and the ability to give credit to the hierarchy of spirit guides, angels, and other advanced souls that God has created to guide us.

Everybody dies someday, no matter how well you are. Death is good. Death is regeneration; it's the creation of a new body for you.

And if you die without taking the ailments that the Harmonic will remove for you in this lifetime with you into the next, your next life will be amazing.

And if you go through this life without the ailments the Harmonic will remove for you, this life will be amazing.

And that, for you, started yesterday.

How many of you feel amazing? (show of hands)

Whatever you've got right now is going to multiply thousands of times over. The more you remove, the more you install, and the more you come to know, the more amazing your spiritual responses are going to become.

And every response that you make throughout your entire life is a spiritual response. You may not have known that. And if you didn't know that, your spiritual responses were not very effective, I would guess.

Well, get ready to have effective spiritual responses.

Naturally. Without trying too hard.

Without working at it. Without depriving yourself. Without punishing yourself.

Those effective spiritual responses are coming for Christmas -- and Christmas is tomorrow. Christmas is today.

How many of you have noticed that in the way you respond to each other, you are simply more kind, generous, loving,
giving and caring? (show of hands) Since yesterday? (show of hands)

The greatest gift the Harmonic gave me was not ending my herpes, it was becoming the loving person I always knew I should be and wasn't.

At the age of 49, I had had a massive amount of spiritual training in my life, and I was still essentially a bad person. No kidding. I just couldn't connect with people in the right way.

I connected with God really well when I was alone, but that was a compartmentalized part of my life.

I simply wasn't capable of letting it into my day-to-day life. Into my interactions with you.

I went from that to who I am now.

That was the real disease. And this is the real cure.

The Harmonic would be worthless without God

Thank you,


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