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space These prayers aren't things you say -- they're things you do.

When I get my signal:

  1. I am in complete control of my life, health, and destiny.
  2. I give my power to no person, group, or organization, and empower receptive people, groups, and organizations.
  3. I accept power and support from supportive people, groups, and organizations
  4. My connection with God is more important to me than my connection with any person.
  5. I treat symptoms as alerts and trace them to causes.
  6. I want everybody on earth to cure what I have cured, and what I will cure.
  7. I cultivate all forms of good feeling: confidence, love, Intuition, peace, forgiveness, happiness (get a signal on each one).
  8. I want to be a big person living a big life
  9. I never tolerate a bad feeling for more than a few minutes.
  10. I do not go below or return to a lower level than what I have cured or learned.
  11. Think of someone who you want to see do this.
  12. Now say - She gets signals with me - and I get a signal on that.
  13. I never talk about Immunics.
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