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"The" Prayers and Meher Baba -- How God Entered Our Lives without Us Realizing It
space These prayers aren't things you say -- they're things you do.

When I get my signal:

  • I'm removing all disturbances from the emotional bodies of everyone in the world.
  • I'm protecting myself & my people from incipient catastrophes.
  • I'm realizing the loving, world-shaping, and God-given intentions I've carried from life to life.
  • I'm causing my career & those of the people I love to be what God intends.
  • I'm attracting increased capacity in myself and my group to accept power infusion.
  • My particle attributes are in balance and at full strength to succeed at God's work.
  • All my bodies are in God.
  • All my bodies are one rainbow.
  • I am free.
  • I am now as happy as I have ever been.
  • Sense if God is around you and test - Is that you, God?
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