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space The purpose of doing this is to attract chi. The chi will then perform immunic actions of its own. When you do these actions, do them for your family and soulmates, too.

When I get my signal:

  • I accept God's wisdom.
  • I attract grace.
  • I attract guides and guidance.
  • I attract knowingness and wisdom.
  • I attract the experiences I need so I can learn what I need to learn to do God's work.
  • (Do these items one at a time.) I've installed discrimination between things (people, activities, and locations) that win and ones that don't. I've installed a reflex to drop the ones that don't win even when I'm succeeding with them. And I've installed a reflex to do the ones that do win even when I'm a beginner at them.
  • I am installing the reflex to dwell on solutions.
  • I fulfill the hopes of my parents and ancestors.
  • I'm merging my results
    with parents and ancestors (you choose who - do at least 6, but not anyone you're doing this prayer with) - and I'm removing and installing the right factors. (More info in
    Use  Protection of the Bodies.)
  • I'm doing these prayers for my family, loved ones, and soulmates as well as for myself.
  • I attract money and
    other wealth.
  • I attract tools to fulfill
    my mission.
  • I attract technologies to fulfill my mission.
  • I attract respect.
  • I attract cures.
  • I attract fame.
  • I attract health, wellness & longevity.
  • I attract remedies & antidotes to dysfunction.
  • I attract faith.
  • I attract gratitude.
  • I attract fun.
  • I love (name a person) unconditionally.
  • I attract the love of my life.
  • I let in love & nurturing.
  • I attract my children and students.
  • I attract astute, committed immuners.
  • I attract powerful, benevolent allies.
  • I attract people who appreciate & support me & my mission.
  • I attract people who will connect me to the people I need to talk to. 
  • I attract (name some people).
  • I attract forgiveness.
  • In the last 5 minutes I've become a bigger person. (For speedy growth say this every 5 minutes.)
  • I attract worldwide awareness and use of immunics. 
  • I'm leaving behind everything that slows me down.
  • I want nothing.
  • I've done enough immunics on myself today to create a critical mass. (If you don't get a signal, bring yourself there.)
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