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The problem

It will be easier for you to isolate your helping capabilities if I state the problem for you first. Most people partake of this rather than use it. They like it, they enjoy it, they acknowledge it. It's a comfort to them - not a cure.

They don't apply themselves.

And it's not just that they surf in and leave. Our colleagues don't apply themselves.

Maybe I should put it another way. 

The question is: How do we build that certainty in them?

Now you have two tasks:

  • Think of ways people become certain of things.
  • Think of capabilities you have that enable you to make those ways happen.

Is there some way you could make even one person more certain? If so, can you then extrapolate and apply that to more than one person?

A group?


Now you and I both are facing what it is to cause people to be conscious that they can cure diseases, that they can heal themselves (which is not necessarily the same thing as curing a disease), and that their friends - and their friends are everyone on the entire planet - can also do that.

OK. This is what we need your help with.

Now that you've done the assessment, you probably see some things you can do. Go take some actions.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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