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decorative angel graphic    Why we have this refund policy

First of all, the only way we' re willing to accept your money is as a donation.

This means that you not only support our work, but that you support the specific activities of our ministry. I hope this doesn't throw you into a mass of mental constructs or give you the impression that you need to know thousands of particulars and details that you have no wish to spend time digging out. It's not meant to give you that impression.

Who we are, what we give you, and what we expect to see happen

Your support of our work, and of the specific activities of our ministry will spring naturally from your breast when you know four things:

Now you may be saying, "Why all this run-around and rigmarole just to be told that I can't have a refund?"

But you probably aren't. People don't read refund policies unless they are considering sending money. And people don't consider sending us money unless they know that this is what it is. So if you're reading this, you're probably already halfway there. And you're interested in what we have to say.

One more thing. When this works for you. . .

Anyway, we're not just going to say you can't have a refund. We're going to tell you the specific circumstances under which you can have a refund.

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