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We have such unique criteria for students and retirees that we suggest everyone at least have a look at them

We want you to contribute your money. But we don't want you to put yourself through hardship to do it.

If you're short of money because you sacrifice money for learning, you can consider yourself a student, if you wish, and get the student rate. If you've "retired" from your career or job to do something more powerful with your life, such as heal the world, and you're short of money, you can consider yourself a retiree.

On the other hand, if you're a student with tons of money, you drive a convertible and take your dates to French restaurants, or you retired pretty well fixed, please don't consider yourself a student or retiree.

And please, if you're suspicious, or live in self-created scarcity due to laziness, fear, or self-negation, but want to start anyway, don't. Don't give the donation. Bring yourself back to the calm, clear place so many times that you actually feel good about donating. Righteous, even. Not religious fanatic righteous. More like when you feel righteous about paying the money because you know you're buying cheap.

Students and retirees, you can donate 50% less

Now we'll say a little about each instance.

First the student

We all know people who don't earn very much money - that is, they can't live the way they'd really like to - because they don't want to stick themselves in a money-earning mode that isn't them.

If you're one of these people, we agree with you. You need to keep studying, and by that we mean studying life, not necessarily books, until you find a way to do what is you. And if that doesn't earn much money, or at least not at the beginning, that's OK, too.

Be proud of yourself. You haven't compromised, and you shouldn't no matter what anyone says.

Oh, and people will tell you you're dead wrong because they made the sacrifice and you didn't, and they'll point out to you that since they did make the sacrifice, they get to give the full, standard donations for these studies, whereas you get off the hook Scot free. Where's the justice?

Well, the justice is that maybe they don't realize that they need you.

They need you to do this. They need you to be the student of life and to have the uncompromising intention to continue your creative drift until you find the characteristic life activity that's truly you, because at that point what you do will probably benefit them. And if you hadn't done it this way, you would have been neutralized and unable to benefit them no matter what sacrifices you made.

We speak from experience, because, you see, the church elder who's writing this happens to be just like you.

I went through long periods of my life where all I did was stuff myself with input. And I seemingly used everyone around me to support myself because I wasn't willing to lift a finger in any way that would take me off this creative drift. So, you see, everybody around here knows that you really are a student, because they know me. And they want you to teach yourself everything you need to learn, just as I did.

OK, now let's talk to the retiree

Sometimes people retire when they're 25. And teachers on sabbatical are, in a sense, retired. Now if you've retired and you have the money to live the way you want - and we don't mean extravagantly, just creatively - then don't consider yourself a retiree for these purposes, even though you are one, and give the regular donation.

But many people retire out of sheer guts.

For example, a 25-year-old woman who has a good job working for the City of Philadelphia goes for her yearly physical and is told she has inoperable cancer. After hearing this, she takes a walk, then sits down at an outdoor table in front of a restaurant to think things over. She says to herself, "I guess if I only have a few years to live, I'd better start doing the things I always wanted to do right now."

If you've ever listened to a lecture by Bernie Siegel, a doctor who teaches people how to live after medical science pronounces them dead within a few years, you know that what this woman did would probably have the effect of extending her life years past any deadlines her doctor gave her.

And that's what happened - because she retired.

We want to give you moral support for taking this kind of action for your life. As a matter of fact, if you've decided to take a week off from your job so that you can get a running start on the skills you're planning to teach yourself from this site, and that's going to create a financial hardship, well, go ahead and consider yourself a student or a retiree, whatever. We'll chip in on that.

What about if you've devoted your life to something you know is important and worth while but doesn't pay much? Well then you'd fall into this category wouldn't you?

Our whole point here is that we want to help the people who are helping themselves and others we want to help the retirees, the students , the self-ordained ministers, the professionally ordained ministers, the artists and writers who'll give a big contribution when their work starts to sell - they always do, it's very dependable - and who would be in hardship if they paid the regular donation.

We speak for all our colleagues when we say that the money and effort that we've put into this is for you and we're happy to have you contribute at this rate because we want you to have what you need and we want you to go as fast as possible.

We want you to help the people you help as quickly and effectively as possible. All of us want that, including you.

Bottom line

At this point we've given you all the information you need to make a determination about whether to class yourself as a student or retired. So there's just one more thing to consider

This site is here because ordinary people who work for a living donated money so that you could have it. They also donated time, computers, housework, you name it.

Now none of them - none of us - really went through any hardship to do this. We're Harmonic masters. Harmonic masters don't believe in going through hardship. Mastery means you don't need hardship. You can do it the easy way, the way that feels good, and everything works out just fine. Everybody's happy, everybody has what they need. That's mastery.

Look, when we say everybody, we don't mean the non-masters. Obviously they're often not happy and don't have what they need. We're just talking about everybody who partakes of the mastery. And in our case, we've noticed that we've never had a donor who wasn't partaking. So we've all done just fine. We would like to include you in our circle.

Right now you are either some level of Harmonic master or are going to be one very soon. We just want to encourage you to calculate how you do this so that at whatever level of development you're at right now, you enjoy the trip you're making with us.

Because that helps us enjoy it.

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Sincerely, Your staff

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