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   Crickets chatter.
Passing me in the summer heat,
Coonster smells of the rain that fell yesterday.

-- Bayard

Awaken your koan mind

You probably already love beauty, tell jokes, connect and synthesize concepts, and possess any of a thousand or so other qualities that embody koan mind.

If so, you've now got a treat, and some surprises, in store for you. Because now, every time you RIK something, those qualities and hundreds more are going to shift, sometimes drastically. You'll notice it when you're closest to the moment when you completed the RIK.

This is koan mind. As with all the other bodies, the mental body has "limbs," "organs," functions, sub-bodies. One of these is the higher mental body - koan mind. Koan mind solves puzzles, puts things together, and appreciates beauty. It is sense of humor. Mystery. And beyond.  

It's irreverence.

It's what makes a bored student sitting in a calculus class look at the clock and ask, "How do we know what time it is?", and then go on to say to himself, "Well, we know by seeing the light reflected off the clock" --

and then, without even an apology for his boredom or lack of attentiveness, to continue to ask questions and answer them. "Well, what if we were traveling at the same speed as the light traveling from the clock?" (The clock would stand still.) "Suppose we were traveling faster than the light traveling from the clock, what would we see?" (The clock would be moving backwards.)

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Well, if we were traveling faster than the light, would the clock appear to be moving backwards, or would the clock actually be moving backwards? That was Einstein. Einstein always said it was his connection with God that enabled him to do what he did.

Yes, he made that connection through koan mind.

Let's try testing something.

Ask if more than 100 percent of Einstein's connection with God came through koan mind.

Interesting. How could something be more than 100 percent?

"Stupid" questions like that are what koan mind thrives on. When you think and frame and test your questions from outside the box, you're going to take quantum leaps forward in the area of Immunics. And of humor.

By the way, the boring calculus teachers and people who can tell you the reasons for everything they do are the people who are, in our vernacular, stuck in their lower mental body.

The lower mental body is not koan mind. The lower mental body is reasons. Reasons are good too,  in small doses.

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