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The course team    

WHUM will select and invite a team of assistants, in a ratio of one assistant for every 9 guests, and a 6-person course management team, who will manage the course as well as manage the assistants.

The course managers and assistants will be transported to and from the course, lodged, and fed at the host's expense. The host can help design this, request additional people, and request specific people. WHUM has final approval over who attends.

It probably goes without saying that we would never invite anyone to assist who appears to be of poor character, nor anyone who seems to bear the remotest possibility of breaking their agreements or otherwise being a bad selection for the team, nor would we re-invite anyone who had shown such behaviors in the past, unless the person has apologized and evidences that they have cleared up the problems that caused the questionable behavior.

Only Harmonic masters are invited by WHUM to assist your guests, and Level 12 Harmonic masters if they are available. If the optimal number of Level 12 Harmonic masters for your group is not available, we've tested that it's OK to downgrade to at least having the appropriate number of Harmonic masters of the highest level possible for your guests. The ones we do invite can upgrade their level of Harmonic mastery while they're there - and if we all work together, they will.

WHUM is in no way responsible for the appearance or attendance of the team members or assistants WHUM invites invites who don't show up, and if this happens, no refunds will be made of donations given previously for them. However, because the utmost care is taken in selecting the team, it is unlikely that this would happen, but it is always a possibility.

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