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The donations specified here are minimums. Please be generous. If you offer an inappropriate donation, you will reduce the power level of the course you are giving when your real objective is to raise it.

$24,000 course design fee
$ 9,000  to redesign an existing course

Each course will always be redesigned to suit your particular set of guests, so there always will be a minimum $9,000 fee.

$    300  per day for each of your guests
$    500  per day for each member of the course management/assisting team

No refunds can be made by WHUM of donations given for people who do not show up. Of course, every effort is made by WHUM to select team members who do not break agreements.

$            donation for elders who attend the course - to be decided by host & WHUM

If a church elder is not included as part of the arrangement, no donation is required for the elder. If an elder shows up, WHUM stands ready to pay the elder's course expenses, including travel, lodging, and food, unless the host agrees to do so.

The donation for elders will be determined at the time the course is created, and  this donation will be made immediately. If a ministry elder is going to attend and is committing to that, the donation agreed by mutual discussion between the host and the elder involved (or the elder's representative) should be given before any further work is done on the course. If an elder is not involved or invited, the elder of the ministry can still attend the course at their own option and expense.

Donations are just that. There are no refunds. As the  host, you may give an initial donation to get he ball rolling, but if you decide to pull out, there should be no hard feelings either way, and we gratefully accept and acknowledge the contribution you made with your initial donation.

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