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   Host guidelines 

A course is work.

You are an apprentice in responsibility and charge for the members of our congregation who are attending the course. And anyone you invite to the course automatically becomes part of our congregation, whether they know it or not. They are under your protection as well as ours, and that protection is spiritual, emotional, and physical.

You must do everything in your power to create immunity for yourself and all of us, including your guests. And this is going to be work. So come prepared to work hard and stay alert.

It is critical that you, the host, keep all pre-course agreements, such as sending in donations on time, and especially showing up on time and staying to the end of any pre-course meetings, which there may be a series of in the weeks or months before the course is given, with people the ministry designates. You are required to be there.

Stay clean

Use the meetings fully, including using Harmonic accessing, to clear up whatever might be in your way of having the meeting and the course go smoothly. It is your goal and ours for you to be fully functioning as a host by the end of the meeting.

You are also responsible for doing all of your homework to the same end.

In other words, you are responsible for keeping yourself in good shape immunologically not only throughout the course but also through the entire pre-course period, so that you don't end up importing any immune dysfunctions in either a spiritual, emotional, or physical sense to the people involved in producing the course. You need to stay clean throughout the entire process.

Use the Power Circle Harmonic prayer and adapt it for your course. You will empower yourself and everyone involved with the course by doing so.

Course agreements

You are responsible for keeping the same course agreements your guests have, including the Web site agreements, privacy policy and guidelines, even if you do not read them or know what they are.

Show up at all course meetings and sessions 15 minutes before the guests are due to arrive, and stay 15 minutes after the last guest leaves.

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