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What is ability dissemination?

The dissemination of ability is not the same as the dissemination of information. People who disseminate abilities may not teach them, but they make people aware that the ability is accessible.

A simple but impactful example was a 20/20 program on TV hosted by Barbara Walters where we learned that ground beef in supermarkets often contains traces of pork, some of which is infested with deadly microbes.

What ability did this disseminate? The ability to personally check what we are feeding our families with a level of thoroughness that further enabled people to eliminate uncooked pork from their diets.

Another good example is the ability of a Harmonic master to hand someone the Web address of

Though not exactly teaching the person how to fingertest or use the Harmonic, she is enabling the person to learn that people are curing things with Harmonic accessing, and that they can be a part of the worldwide movement by using this site to teach themselves how to cure.

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