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   So how do you manifest?

Simply by boosting your immune system to its highest possible level in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas. You also do it by looking for signals that you HAVEN'T done that.

Those signals fall into two categories: accident, and reverse synchronicity. It's almost impossible to explain the difference between the two in a short statement like this, but as you go, the difference will become painfully obvious.

Our environment conforms to our internal resiliency.

Below a certain level -- the level on which a great many human beings operate -- there is no immunity at all; your immune system is simply not working, and therefore there is no synchronicity, only accident.

Above that level, where synchronicity begins to appear, if you simply understand everything that happens for you as synchronistic, then things that seem undesirable will at second glance reveal themselves either as OPPORTUNITIES, or as SIGNALS that there is something you must immediately remove, install, or know.

Intuition is a big part of synchronicity, of manifesting. An example with physical immunity: I spent a month or so limping around with a painful plantar wart on my big toe. I simply refused to spend the time and money for laser surgery to have it removed. One day, standing on the side of cliff in Malibu, I got the intuition to test if there was a plant I could use to remove it. I got yes. I had intuitively chosen a moment to test when I was standing in a field of those plants, a common creeper that grows on hillsides by the sea in California. After a week of mashing it up and applying it, my toe was normal. I could wear my usual shoes.

We hunt more serious diseases than warts, and we don't use substances to cure them. But in retrospect, I'm thankful for that wart. That piece of unpleasant health turned out to be reverse synchronicity for real, and a blessing in disguise. The wart had become a good story to tell you, my budding colleagues -- a story from which you can abstract models of how to sweep viral-based diseases and cancer from the earth.

The lack good synchronicity in your life, if that's been a problem to you as it was to me, is curable, like everything else.


Does God do it or do you do it?

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