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   We make altering your DNA look ordinary

But it isn't. It's a miracle. Because nobody does that.

Down through history human beings have altered their DNA, yes. But over centuries, not minutes. People evolved, they didn't transform.

In the past few hundred years, though, the speed has been picking up. And in the last 10 years there has been a geometric alteration in the rate at which humanity moves forward toward wholeness and oneness. A Hundredth Monkey effect is happening. It simply marks a new stage of human development.

You are learning to perform a miracle dependably, at will. And, even if the sheer simplicity of it scares the heck out of you at first, you will at some point come to relate to it as though it were ordinary.

It's not. Thank God.

You are now going to receive instructions to do things you never thought you could do about things you don't know exist

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