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   Inviting your guests to the course

When you invite your guests to come to this course, you must show them their agreements and guidelines for the course at that time. Guests often agree to attend something, and then when they find out what the agreements are, they don't want to attend it anymore. So you need to let them know what they're agreeing to before they say yes to it.

Here's an example of what you would say to your brother, for example, if you were inviting him to the course.

"I want you to come to a Harmonic course. I believe this will do you a world of good. Here is what you will have to do in order to attend."

You would hand him a copy of the agreements, or show them to him on line.

"These may not be the only things required of you. Somebody may have forgotten something and you could be told in the middle of the course that something else is required, and if you won't do it, you may be asked to leave. This is out of my control. This is not like a party or gathering I'm giving, it's a Harmonic accessing course, and it's managed by somebody other than me, even though I'm the host of it."

Guests are welcome to leave the course at any time, but while there, they must follow the rules and guidelines or they will be asked to leave. This is at WHUM's discretion, not the host's. You as the host do not have the privilege of asking a guest to leave, though of course we would welcome suggestions and recommendations from you. Only WHUM can ask a participant to leave because once we begin giving a course, we are responsible for those souls. We are a ministry and it is our mission to do that, as it is our responsibility to understand our mission with your guests and fulfill it, and your responsibility to support us in doing that in every way possible, financial and otherwise.

Guests are required to complete a pre-course questionnaire, ideally on the Web site well before the course begins, submitting it by e-mail. Or he can print it out from the Web, fill it out by hand, and mail it in to the ministry via snail mail well in advance of the course. Last-minute guests can do this an hour before the pre-course meeting the evening before the course begins.

The filled-out questionnaire is your guest's affirmed response that he or she will attend the course.


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