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Courses are fundraisers

All WHUM courses are fundraisers. Whatever the other content of the course, an open-ended game is played during the course, the object of which is for everyone there - you, your guests, the people WHUM invites - to break through to a new level of contribution and support for the end of disease in this world and the opening up of the spiritual reality that has never before been open on earth.

Courses are magical times when this happens.

For example, at a course given in the days before Harmonic accessing, we taught people to do awareness projections. (If you want to know more about what these are, study Caroline Myss, because this is what she does). In 1989 the entire course as one worked on healing Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin's higher bodies. Several months later the Communist regime collapsed.

At another course, we worked on Haiti and Aristide NAME; shortly after the U.S. intervened and resolved the situation there.

These are examples of what 30 Harmonically charged people can do when they come together and form a Harmonic circle for even a few days. We fully expect results like these to come from the course you give.
The guests also are welcome to leave the course at any time, but while there, they must follow the rules and guidelines or they will be asked to leave. This is at WHUM's discretion, not at the discretion of the host. The host does not have the privilege of asking a guest to leave; only WHUM can do that, because once we begin giving a course, we are responsible for those souls. This is a ministry and it is our mission to do that, as it is our responsibility to understand our mission with your guests and fulfill it, and your responsibility to support us in doing that in every way possible, financial and otherwise.

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