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   Advisory Power Circle guidelines

The main result we are after, and the main issue the Power Circle members will address on an ongoing basis, is the creation of a world sweep of disease cures, including diseases not easily treatable by Harmonic or any other means, and including the non-physical disease that has engulfed our planet since human history began and is creating massive suffering, death tolls, genocide, and the nearly complete devastation of our environment. 

Who are Power Circle members?

Advisors are Harmonic masters who actively use fingertesting and Harmonic skills to set our ministry direction. The advisory brain pool must be a power ring - that is, a balanced circle made up of people of various backgrounds and professions, with a wide spectrum of abilities and experience in all the fields related to the development and immunity of humanity.

Advisors make an appropriate contribution  (minimum $1000) to start their participation.

Optimal membership of the Power Circle is not less than 36 nor more than 90 members.

What do Power Circle members do?

You can choose with whom to meet and meet impromptu. You do not need a quorum to make recommendations..Church elders evaluate and take the direction implied by the visions of advisors and other people. When advisors get together and create a vision, other advisors and people will be polled  before that direction is taken.

When even just two or three advisors are seen to be of the same vision and there is no opposing vision, that direction will be implemented virtually immediately.

Our executive director, Greg Morkovin, is the coordinator and listening post of the Advisory Power Circle. Some services he provides to the advisors are:

  • passing agenda items along from meeting to meeting
  • forestalling duplication of efforts
  • suggesting teams and alliances to accomplish specific objectives

A non-mandatory Internet chat can be held once a week for any Circle members who are available to access and bounce their visions off one another. At these chats, comments may be made on visions expressed the previous week, and those visions may be expanded upon. And so, over weeks, a vision may be evolved by the power circle members to the point at which it can be acted upon and made real.

Secondary projects

To the end of accomplishing its main global goal, Power Circle advisors can band together and create and execute secondary projects. A great example of one of these has as its objective to put Harmonic accessing representatives in the national media, specifically on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 Minutes, and the 6 o'clock news.

Obviously any Power Circle member can assist in some way, but a triad of three members might be the power seat, and focus on the objective on a daily basis. One or more of the triad could be Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters herself, for example - both of whom would make excellent advisors of this ministry.


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