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   Talk to someone who will help us

If you live near Jane Fonda, drop by her house. Show her how to do this. She'll make this known to the world.

Did you know that Jane Fonda's sister-in-law has lupus?

Jane could show her how to cure it

That's the amazing thing about this. It's the difference between Jane running in and saying to her sister-in-law, "Hey, I found a great healer. He charges a hundred bucks a session. You really ought to go to him," and saying to her, "I've learned how to kill viruses, I'm going to teach you. Maybe together we can end your lupus."

Here's an idea for a note you can adapt to your person, if you need something written.

You may have something amazing, but so does Jane, once she learns it. We're in a world full of powerful people. People who are committed to other people. And to the planet.

Just think what this will mean in their hands

You could give it to them. You could contact them. Or one of them.

Maybe all you need is one.

I'd personally be willing and happy to donate my time to giving personal instruction to any modern master, like Jane, who approaches me. Masters make great students.

I bet you know someone you could reach. I bet you have a favorite. Find out how to reach her.

Reach her today

Millions of lives hang on your success.

Plague-ending dream team

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